Wes Bergmann Wiki, Bio, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating and Net Worth

By Mausam Bhattarai | Updated On: 19 Jul, 2021

Wes Bergmann is a man known for his aggressiveness and arrogance. We rose through fame as he appeared on reality shows. He is best known for 2005`s MTV’s reality show The Challenge.

On-screen, we can see Wes as a competitive and obnoxious person breaking furniture to get attention, but he is a bright entrepreneur in real life. The competitive personality has come as a business angle to many investors. He is also the lead investor of BetaBlox and has helped more than 200 startups flourish with his shares in each of them.

Career Insights & Net Worth Of This Angel Investor?

The person who has come as an angle to the life of small investors has a net worth of 500 thousand dollars. He has gathered this amount utilizing the money he earned from the MTV reality show The Challenge.

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The first job in his career started at the age of 19 with MTV’s Real World: Austin in 2005. After the show, he again appeared on the MTV reality series, The Challenge. It was a game show where the participants were given challenges with a reward of prize money. Wes took the challenges and often topped the $100,000 challenges. He earned a good amount from the challenges, and the business-minded Wes immediately utilized the amount and invested in BetaBlox. It is the team of entrepreneurs based in Kansas City who helps the startups grow faster and better.

He is a hard-working person, so he quickly takes a massive amount of money from his career. And there were over 2 Billion dollars of the net worth of his company BetaBlox. So it seems that he enjoyed his net worth and salary and company valuation as well. Therefore, he can easily survive and quickly fulfilled his needs. He has an expensive branded car of the company BMW with a well-decorated and well-furnished house. We also found on the wiki, that he has much more land in the old house in Kansa City.

Is The Reality Star Wes Married?

After a few relationships from the reality show, The Challenge star is finally married. Of course, he shared the forever and afters with his longtime girlfriend, Amanda Hornick. However, the best part for the groom was the vows that they shared on 1st June 2018, a perfect combination of seriousness and fun.

The wedding was more like the gathering of MTV reality stars. The stars accompanied the couple from The Challenge and Real World: Austin stars. Looking at the pictures from the wedding, the event was a simple and casual one with the company of some of the couple’s best friends.

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A picture from Wes and Amanda's wedding (Photo: Instagram)

The wife shared their love story on her Instagram post. She wrote after a few weeks of dating Wes; she fell for him when he told her that he had spent $100 trying to recreate the perfect hot dog. Hearing this, she was sure that she would never be bored with this man. She loved the passion and confidence he had with every aspect of life and how he did not care about what people thought about him. He had his world, ignoring anyone’s judgments.

The lovebirds have been together for seven years and all these years have been a romantic journey without any dull moments for both of them.

Apart from this perfect love story, he has a long list of girlfriends. He first dated Johanna Botta from 2006 to 2008. Later he had been dating with KellyAnne Judd from 2008 to 10. But the couple's relationship was also not going perfectly, he broke up with her and started to date Mandi Moyer. They spent their valuable time from 2010 to 2011. Finally, he got Theresa in late 2011, but the relation also not going nicely. They broke up in mid-2012. Afterward, he never wants to love with anyone.

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A Short Bio

A modern American entrepreneur and the reality television personality Wes Bergmann was born in Kansa City, Missouri, United States of America. He was born on 24th November 1984 to his parents and grew up with his siblings. He holds the American Nationality, where he graduated with *** Lade honors from the Arizona University in 2008. At the age of 7, his family and parents moved to Leawood Kansa from Missouri.

A young and handsome hunk of American cinema industry Wes has over 5 feet 10 inches in height and around 75 kg of weights. He has an excellent body with a well-maintained six-packed. Wes has much more time spent in the gym to build his body attractive and perfect. At the age of 34, he looks like a handsome hunk within his teenagers, thanks to his healthy balanced diet as well.