YouTube Sensation Chelcie Lynn "Trailer Trash Tammy" | Career, Husband, & Networth

Chelcie Lynn's YouTube stardom and amazing sense of humor have left her fans demanding her on a TV show.

YouTube Sensation Chelcie Lynn "Trailer Trash Tammy" | Career, Husband, & Networth

Chelcie Lynn is a renowned YouTuber best known for her funny videos where she displays her love for trying out various foods. The first video of Lynn dates back to 2015. Fast forward to now, she has amassed massive subscribers of more than 1 million on YouTube. 

Delicious YouTube Career

Chelcie Lynn is one of the many foodies you can find. However, she is one of those few individuals who make mukbang and food vlogs engaging and interesting. Lynn started her YouTube journey by posting short funny videos until she decided to give variety to her viewers.

The foodie YouTuber then began posting various challenges like Spending 24 Hours In The Wilderness and different food tryout videos. Her videos soon reached a wider audience, and people began to know her as Trailer Trash Tammy.

Lynn's vines made people laugh worldwide, and she got a breakthrough after people started making compilations of her vines. The aspiring comedian then focused the attention she gained from YouTube to organize her own stand-up comedy tours and sell her merchandise. 

Chelcie Lynn portraying her alter ego, Trailer Trash Tammy, in her tour poster

Chelcie Lynn portraying her alter ego, Trailer Trash Tammy, in her tour poster (Source: IMPROV)

She didn't only limit herself to a social media spotlight as she became successful in landing roles in various movies like Tangerine, and Dog Eat Dog, which further skyrocketed her fame. As of 2021, her stand-up tour, The Tammy Tour: One Trailer Park At A Time, sold out more than 70 shows on over 26 platforms. 

Lynn is also working on filming a prank series for various online streaming platforms. After featuring in shows like Coach Von Pidgeon for Funny or Die & Facebook Watch, there's no dual opinion that she is on her way to cementing a legacy in the field of comedy. Also, she is leading a personal life that is as smooth as her career.

Is Chelcie Lynn Married?

The foodie YouTuber Lynn is a married woman who has been sharing a fairy tale wedded life with her husband, Greg Melton. Greg is Lynn's high school love turned into husband. 

The duo began dating after they got to know each other from a mutual friend during their days in high school. Since the beginning, Greg has been the biggest cheerleader for Chelcie and featured in many of her videos.

Lynn with her husband Greg

Lynn with her husband Greg (Source: Chelcie's Facebook)

After nearly a decade of getting married, their relationship is still as beautiful as the white floral embroidered bride outfit that Chelcie wore at their wedding. 

Lifestyle & Networth

Lynn's influential career has brought in a flow of substantial amount of fortune to add up to her net worth.

She rides a 68 Lincoln Continental, which pretty much speaks about the luxury that she can afford.

The comedian in her 30s is a master of six-figure net worth. 

A Short Bio

In Oklahoma, the US-born YouTube sensation Chelcie Lynn took her first glimpse of the world on August 9, 1987. She later moved to San Diego, California, and currently resides there.

Lynn also has sisters named Beth Franks and Maggie Wilson, who often feature in her videos. 

Chelsie's passion for entertaining people has urged her fans worldwide to await witnessing what the future has in store for her.