Dana Chanel | Age, Net Worth, Wedding, Husband & Lawsuit

Dana Chanel | Age, Net Worth, Wedding, Husband & Lawsuit

Dana Chanel is a female entrepreneur who became well known after creating an application called Sprinkle Of Jesus in 2014, which allowed people to learn how to maintain an economic abundance while keeping the religious faith intact.

Chanel further channeled efforts and entrepreneurial ideas into her business which further helped in enriching her net worth. 

Immense Net Worth Despite Young Age

Although Dana Chanel is of a young age, she has established an empire that exceeds multi-million dollar net worth as of 2021. She is the master of a net worth of more than $1 million. 

In addition, the 27 years old entrepreneur, Chanel, has rolled out 100s of applications designed for her clients that help aspiring entrepreneurs to monetize their business.

Dana Chanel posing for her sales at CurlBible (Source: Chanel's Instagram)

Also, she is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of her home brand Curl Bible, an online-based retail store that sells various beauty products and merchandise, which further enriches her net worth with a considerable amount of fortune. 

In 2018 she also bought a new house to accommodate Christian entrepreneurs and named it Christian Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, which talks about the economic prowess which she had attained. 

However, this wouldn't have been possible to achieve all on her own if not for her loving partner, who has always supported her in the best way possible and stuck with her through all the highs and lows that she encountered. 

Wedding And Husband

Dana Chanel is married to the love of her life Prince Donnel and has been leading a blissful married life together amidst flourishing businesses and family. Donnel first found Chanel via social media when her videos were going viral.

He decided to slide into her DM, writing, "hey, what’s up, I would love for you to help me and mentor me with my business." However, his texts were left unanswered for few months until the budding business owner, Chanel, got a chance to reply.

Eventually, the duo met each other after few dates; the two inseparably fell for each other and ended up sharing the wedding vows in 2017 when both of them were of 25 years. 

Chanel and her husband flaunting their engagement ring tattoo (Source: Chanel's Instagram)

They married uniquely as they got their engagement ring tattooed instead of buying an actual ring. As their share of faith in God always attracted them to each other, they obviously married in a propper Catholic fashion. 

They shared their vows in a church, and various of their loved ones gave out heart-touching speeches. Then, as they walked out of the church as a newly wedded couple, they were welcomed with sparkling firecrackers and loud cheers and blessings. 

As of 2021, they share a son named Kingston and continue living a blissful family life while believing in the Christian culture as strictly as ever. Chanel's husband is also part of her family now, and they are busy making millions together. However, their journey also faced few adversities when they were accused of scamming people.

Lawsuit Against Dana Chanel

No business in the world comes without complications which is exactly what Chanel had to face when a lawsuit was filed against them and Philly's District Attorney Office, which allegedly accused them of scamming black entrepreneurs. 

The words of Dana scamming and stealing black Christian entrepreneurs started in 2019 when a business consultant, coach, and speaker, Genesis Dorsey, accused her of stealing ideas and creating a business wholly based on Dorsey's idea.

Genesis Dorsey accusing Dana Chanel of stealing the idea of a business

People even ran a petition titled, 'Stop Dana Chanel's Scamming' to which 2,754 people have signed by September 14, 2021.

Eventually, the couplereneurs had their explanation on the matter, and Donnel shared his message via a now-deleted Instagram post, saying those people who have any complaints to file their issues via the proper medium. 

Whatever the situation might be, the law enforcement has yet to decide on this matter, so until people accusing them of scamming don't face the law with legit proof, we can do nothing but admire the duo's business-leading capacity.

What Is Chanel's Real Name?

Dana Chanel was born on January 14, 1994, with the real name Casey Dana Olivera. She was brought up by her mother in the small town of Middletown, Delaware, and had to face lots of complications growing up. 

Chanel also became the first person from her family to enlist herself in a university. She racked up offer letters from some of the top colleges like St. John's University. Still, her inability to pay the college dues forced her to go to a community college in Philadelphia. 

She then began working in a strip club as a front desk attendee, and she went to the school at the same time, earning an untaxed amount of $500 every night from the strip club. 

However, soon she came across a book called, Becoming A Woman of Prayers, which changed her life forever, as she has indeed become a woman of prayers, and she feels thankful to whoever handed her that book.