Deshae Frost | From Being Homeless To Riding A Porsche

Deshae Frost | From Being Homeless To Riding A Porsche

Deshae Frost is an American YouTube vlogger and stand-up comedian who has bagged a chance to open for comedians like Tiffany Haddish and Faizon Love. 

Frost reached a popularity climax after his vlogs started getting massive attention from the public. He started posting videos on YouTube from an early age, and the oldest video on his channel dates back to August 29, 2016.

YouTube & Comedy Career

Deshae is a jack of many talents with a swing of perfection in every one of them. He wanted to be an entertainer from a young age, which led him to try his luck in rap music. The young rapper also named himself D-Frost. 

However, his music career was not able to propel as much.

Later, Deshae's mother noticed his incredible storytelling ability and urged him to prepare scripts and begin performing. 

Deshae Frost posing in Gucci shorts

Deshae Frost posing in Gucci shorts (Source: Tumgir)

After having enough scripts ready and the confidence needed for facing crowds, Deshae started to perform in open mics and local comedy events.

In no time, his unique storytelling voice and great sense of humor skyrocketed him towards mainstream success, and Frost began touring and opening for some of the biggest comedy show makers. 

He utilized the fame of being a comic artist and focused on creating his stans via YouTube. As of 2021, his YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers, and he boasts more than 2 million followers on Instagram. 

Also, he earns from brand endorsements and promotions, which allows him to do money giveaways.

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Net Worth: Luxurious Lifestyle

Deshae's ride was quite harsh during his family's early days in L.A. He has mentioned a few times on his vlogs that they were homeless and had to go without food for days while sitting on the back of a car trunk. 

However, things changed when Frost started recording his daily lifestyle. His unique way of delivering things amassed huge attention, and they could afford a place in a decent neighborhood in no time. 

Fast forward to 2019, Deshae again was able to buy a new apartment for his family. 

In 2021, he bought a new car that described his taste for luxury. 

Deshae standing in front of his newly bought car

Deshae standing in front of his newly bought car (Source: Deshae's Instagram)

Further, Frost bought a Porsche Cayenne, which cost him $500,000. Before buying Porsche, he cruised in a G-Wagon. Deshae also got his neck, glasses, and ring iced out at the most premium jewelry shop, Icebox.

As of 2021, the 20-year-old entertainer's net worth is well over a million dollars.

A Short Bio

Deshae Frost was born on January 9, 2001, in Seattle, WA, USA. Frost stands at an average height of 5ft 4 inches. His mom Monique Carillo, manages his social accounts and works as a business executive for few other celebrities. 

Frost's father doesn’t live with them, but he is a loving dad and frequently visits his children. He also has a sister named Brooklyn, with whom he shares a tightly knit relationship.

On August 12, 2021, Frost's mother shared a series of pictures announcing her pregnancy with her boyfriend, which means Deshae is all set to welcome a new sibling.

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This young YouTube sensation has also landed roles in various TV shows and movies like CBS's hit show S.W.A.T, ABC’s Speechless, and Black Jesus

Deshae's fans are waiting in awe to see this young man on a bigger screen, which allows him to become a bigger star and give back better for his community.