Jackie Figueroa | Relationship Details, Net Worth, & Bio

Jackie Figueroa | Relationship Details, Net Worth, & Bio

Jackie Figueroa is a social media influencer who surfaced in the limelight after audiences recognized her as famous YouTuber Brandon Awadis's girlfriend.

However, in a shocking turn of events, the YouTube couple called it quits in 2017.

Relationship Details: Chamber Of Confusion

Jackie Figueroa dated her ex-boyfriend Brandon Awadis from 2015 until they stunningly decided to part ways. 

The duo had been dating on and off multiple times. But just when Awadis planned to ask her to be his girlfriend again, Jackie revealed that she was already seeing another man. 

Amidst heartbreak, Brandon's fans stormed Jackie's social media, calling her a cheater, gold digger, and blaming her for the end of their relationship.

However, Figueroa wrote a long message via her now-deleted IG story explaining that she had been through Awadis's highs and lows and had known him longer than his YouTube community.

Later on, Figueroa was spotted on record producer Phora's album launch, where she was seemingly drunk and was openly flirting with the music producer.

Caption- Jackie Figueroa and Phora flirt with each other on camera 

After all the flirty conversations, Phora later explained that all the steamy acts did not mean they were dating. 

Things did not stop there as they again had a series of surprise bombs ready for their fans. First, Jackie started appearing in his ex-boyfriend's videos again, but she was termed “ex-girlfriend" this time around.

The pair sat back and discussed various events which followed their break up. In one of their videos, while answering a fan's question, Jackie was asked if she hooked up or went on a date with anyone else after they broke up.

To everyone's surprise, her answer was a giant flying "No," which hit fans in a very confusing manner.

As of now, they often feature on each other's videos and have an excellent term in between themselves.

However, they have not made clearly addressed their relationship status yet. 

Further, On August 30, 2021, Jackie's pregnancy was made public via one of Brandon's videos, where he mentioned that he was not the father, to which Jackie reacted by saying, "thank god!"

The statement somehow gives an idea that the two are nothing but good friends for now, but their fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for them to take their relationship to the next stage.

In every video, there are considerable numbers of fans who wish to see them as couples again.

Jackie Figueroa's Net Worth

Figueroa started earning a hefty sum of money after gaining significant numbers of followers on her Instagram.

When she was often featured in Awadis' videos, her Instagram following skyrocketed to nearly a million followers.

As of now, she has 890k followers on Instagram, which allows her to do various brand endorsements and promotions for the brands like Fashion Nova which adds to her net worth considerably.

Figueroa also has a YouTube channel under her own name with over 100k subscribers. 

A Short Bio

Figueroa was born on August 18, 1996 in El Salvador. She is of Spanish descent but was born and raised in the USA. 

She stands at an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Jackie shares a very close bond with her mom and often shares pictures with her on her socials. 

As Jackie is an aspiring fresh influencer, her fans still await her to give a better insight into her family details and where she belongs.