Night Lovell | Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend, Parents, & Age

Night Lovell released his first studio album, Concept Vague, in 2014 and has gone on to release three other albums, Red Teenage Melody (2016), Goodnight Lovell (2019), and Say You Don't Care (2021).

With Spotify listeners of more than 4 million, he has nearly a billion streams combining all of his songs which undoubtedly has brought him a substantial fortune. 

Net Worth

Lovell debuted with a unique voice and music style, which gave off eerie vibes often mixed with dark and haunting vocal samples, further intensifying the strangely dark chills that his music gave. 

His unique style and distinguished style of music allowed him to make an immediate identity different from the rest. As of 2021, this Canadian rapper owns a net worth of more than $1 million which comes from his concert ticket sales, streams, and album sales.

Night Lovell posing in front of one of his cars

Night Lovell posing in front of a car (Source: Complex)

Lovell initially got into hip-hop as a producer under the name KLNV as he used to produce music via FL Studio. But, eventually, he transitioned towards making rap songs which ensured his rise to fame.

His music belongs to Hip-hop, specifically the Ghostemane genre, and Lovell is signed to G*59 Records Caroline SCPP.

His career collaborates with other fellow artists like $uicideboy$, Gnar, Nessley, and Lil West. Also, his musical career brought him enormous economic prosperity, which allowed him to cruise in various luxurious cars, which can be known from his supercar stuffed music videos. 

As eerie and mysterious as his music style is, his relationship timeline is more mysterious as the rapper has ensured to keep it under the shadow, but it was not always the same. 

Does Night Lovell Have  A Girlfriend?

Although Night Lovell has been sneaky around with his relationship, we know that the Canada-based rapper had a lady he considered his lucky charm.

The rapper's fans are still active speculating various rumors, and as per some Reddit discussions, the rapper previously had decorated his Instagram with pictures of his loved one.

However, Lovell has deleted all those pictures and decided to keep his mouth zipped regarding any further interaction with the public regarding his relationship.

Although he has removed all the legit proofs of his girlfriend, he has a Twitter post from March 23, 2017, which makes it clear that he had a spark in the past. 

The Tweet of Night Lovell where he has admitted to having a girlfriend in the past (Source: Lovell's Twitter)

Lovell, the rapper with multi-million streams, keeps his fans away from having any peek into his personal life, which definitely helps him carry his musical persona more efficiently until he really wants to bash his fan base with the love story if he has any. 

Who Are Lovell's Parents?

Night Lovell, 24, was born as Shermar Cuba Paul in Ontario, Canada, on May 29, 1997. His parents are of Cuban ancestry, and his father was a rapper who went by the name MC Renegade. 

In an interview with 16Bars, he expressed how his father was the one who told him you are going to be something in life.

Also, he recorded a song with his dad, which goes by the name Shaded Summers and is available on his Soundcloud. 

Night Lovell has expressed that he has an immense love for his family and respects his father very much, whereas respecting his family's privacy, he has not let the world know about his loving mother yet. 

Whatever the case might be, Lovell is well headed on his way to stardom, and his fans worldwide are awaiting his music to hit mainstream success in the soon approaching future.

The rapper standing at the height of 5 feet and 9 inches will undoubtedly hit a much higher height in his musical journey.