Andy Beshear Wiki, Wife, Children, Net Worth

By Prabesh Niroula | Published On: 06 Nov, 2019
Andy Beshear Wiki, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Attorney General and a Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear is a person of value and belief. Not big talks and no false promises, the man has only one motto: He wants to prove himself different from Matt Bevin, the Governor of Kentucky. He wants to focus on getting away from the name-calling and bullying situation of the current administration.

Andy has a lively political career with constant career-disputes with Matt Bevin, which includes suing him multiple times. Donald Trump also supported Beshear in his 2019 elections with tweets informing the people about the voting that day.  


Andy was born on the 29th of November, 1977. The 40-years-old politician grew up in Lexington but currently resides in Louisville.

Like him, Beshear’s father, Steve Beshear, was also a politician himself. He was a state representative in Lexington. He later went on to win the election as the attorney general in 1979. Going on and off in elections, Steve stepped down from his political career in December of 2015. Until his end of his career, Steve served two times as the Governor of Kentucky. 

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Well, Andy knows what he is talking about, as can be seen from his family political lineage and his education credentials. He graduated from Henry Clay High School, located in Lexington. He completed his bachelor from Vanderbilt University and enrolled in the University of Virginia for his degree in law.

Family- Wife & Children

Asides from his ambitions and hectic professional life, Andy is still a loving husband and a proud father of two children.

He and his wife, Britainy Beshear, got married on 1 April 2006, and now the pair cherishes 13 years of their wedding. To mark the wedding anniversary, Andy took to Instagram and wished his ladylove the 13th anniversary in 2019. He gushed that there's no such thing as unlucky since his time with a wife.

During their relationship, they got blessed with two young kids named Will and Lila. The family of four cherishes a wonderful lifestyle and often shares the family moments and happenings on social media.

Andy Beshear with his wife Britainy Beshar and kids(Photo: Andy’s Instagram)

Not only that, Andy and Britainy are very supportive of each other’s profession. Professionally, his wife, Britainy, who celebrates her birthday on the 11th of July, serves on the Maryhurst Board. She also founded the Hope Gallery during the Child Abuse Prevention Month in 2016.

His Political Views

As a politician, Andy has always set his eyes on proving himself better than his Governor senior. In his 2019 campaign, he got everyone’s attention with his views on improving the education system in Kentucky, job creation, state pension system reformation, and the fight against the opioid crisis.

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On November 6 of 2019, Andy won the Kentucky governor’s race against Matt Bevin. Bevin has time and again bashed Andy for his inclination to abortion rights. He added that Andy supported death over life and had accepted blood money several times.

Despite the lashes, Andy still got endorsed for governor by tons of official individuals.

Net Worth

Andy is a strict person when it comes to the case of taxes. He clearly stated that the solution to Kentucky’s financial crisis was not the elimination of income tax. In 2017, he opened about his income tax returns and suggested every officeholder be transparent about theirs.

According to stats, Andy had an income of $118,300, and taxes summed up to $12,197. The couple also revealed that they had a debt of $10,000 each, including student loans and a mortgage.

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In the 2019 campaign, Andy’s campaign released a plan to ensure that no teacher in Kentucky got less than $40,000 as of 2022.

Andy’s father, however, earned $580,547 according to data from 2014. Despite all the figures, Andy’s net worth has not emerged on the media.