Christine Hallquist Wiki, Wife, Family, Bio, Before, Net Worth

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 05 Nov, 2018
Christine Hallquist Wiki, Wife, Family, Bio, Before, Net Worth

Christine Hallquist, the world knows her as the first transgender governer in America, but she wants people to pay attention to her as a progressive policy maker, not just as a transgender governer. For the governer’s election, she was placed against three tough candidates. But she says having to compete in this position is not the toughest challenge she has faced in her life and is capable of taking all the problems in her life.

Her life has been a rollercoaster ride because of her love for the feminine side in her body. Belonging in the world, where they couldn't readily accept her as a transgender, it took time for her to bring the secret among his wife and family.

Difficulty For Christine's Wife And Family To Accept Her Gender Identity

The transgender governer is married and living a happy life. She shared her vows with Pat Hallquist and had welcomed two daughters and a son in the family. When the two got married, her wife did not know about her true identity.

The fact remained a secret for many years even when they were living together. When Pat came to know about it later, Christine promised her to keep it a secret until her last breath. They had this agreement where she could dress up like a lady in private only and could play piano just for two hours a day. 

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But holding it in mind and trapping the women in a man's body ended her with depression and suicidal thoughts. The main thing that haunted her was hiding her real gender identity from her kids who she loved so much. At the age of 48, she even joined the transgender support group where she was around people like her who had a fear of getting caught in the public.

When it was too much, she came out and shared the truth with her kids. She said that they took it well. Her daughters call her “Maddy”- a combination of mommy and daddy- while her son simply called her mom.

Pat says that she does not know how their marriage is going to be but she will love Christine for whoever she is. Later she even shared it with her parents and siblings. While her mother has accepted her, some of her siblings have not been in contact with her since then. She has lost some of her friends as well on her coming out.

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Christine's Life and Bio Before Coming Out Of The Closet

Christine was born as a boy named Dave on April 11, 1956, and raised in upstate New York. She shifted to Vermont in 1976 because her father was relocated there during his job. As a child, she always liked the girly stuff, dresses, dolls, and many things, but had to keep the likes within her. When she was a child and had to dress up for Halloween, her mother dressed her up as a Little Red Ridinghood, and she loved the outfit. She even said to her mom that she wants to be a girl, her mother answered saying not to say such things again.

She used to hide a stack of women’s clothes in her closet and throw them, and the process continued. Doing this for the seventh time she came to know about her true gender identity. She even got enrolled in some sports club during her school life to prove masculine feature to her parents.

The pressure of woman soul trying to come out from the male body was so strong that hiding the fact for more than half of her life could not stop her from coming out. At old age, she came out as a lady dressed in dresses with perfectly done hair and makeup.

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How Much Is Christine's Net Worth?

The revolutionary Christine accumulates her net worth from her career as a politician. The average salary of a governor in the US is said to be $130,000 per year. With a mark as first transgender governer and a lady with progressive solutions to the economy of the nation, she must have garnered around average salary.

(Photo: Politico's Twitter)

Before getting into politics, her passion for managing climate change got her to Vermont Electrics. She was the CEO who saved the company from bankruptcy.

Christine,62, has taken every job in her life seriously and excelled in whatever she has done in life.