LaToya Cantrell Net Worth, Career, Married, Now

LaToya was born on the 3rd of April. Both her father Stan Wilder and grandfather Dred...A mayor's responsibility is huge when it comes to managing a whole city.....LaToya emphasized on the Essence Festival and her plans for the ceremony in 2019... the pair welcomed their daughter named RayAnn...

LaToya Cantrell Net Worth, Career, Married, Now

When it comes to candidacy as a mayor, the social stereotype almost freezes the likelihood of a woman succeeding. Breaking this barrier, La Toya became the first woman to hold the post—the Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana since May 7, 2018. Women like LaToya set the bar for all the females who are skeptical of their capabilities and consider themselves the inferior sex.

American politician is also a Democrat, Cantrell, who has had represent District B on the New Orleans City Council.

LaToya Cantrell's Career

LaToya Cantrell won the Mayor's election on November 18, 2017. She came to rise with her recovery campaign of Broadmoor after a catastrophic Katrina hit it in 2005. After she throned the position, LaToya enforced smoking ban regulations in city casinos and bars. A mayor's responsibility is huge when it comes to managing a whole city.

While she was young, the 47-years-old politician did small jobs to sustain her college days which included companies like BelTaco and Mc Donalds. Cantrell joined the board of the Broadmoor Improvement Association and later became president of the association in 2004. Then, Cantrell got involved in political activities—she announced her candidacy for the New Orleans City Council seat and even won with 54 percent of the vote. And finally, she became the first Mayor in 2017,  winning 39% of the total.

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After being elected as the Mayor, LaToya emphasized on the Essence Festival and her plans for the ceremony in 2019. She wanted Chicago to feel the impact for the whole year with her strategies for increasing the number of investments in her city. She shared her desire of increasing the share of tourist visit tax, opening job markets for the incarcerated audience once again and facilities for the best New Orleans’ restaurants owned by blacks.

Net Worth Info

Talking about her earnings, not an exact figure of her net worth has surfaced, but, it has been claimed that the California Mayor takes home an estimated salary of about $51,717 annually.

The 2019 New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell leads more than half a billion dollars as she regulates the large city. But people were a little bummed when news of her and husband failing to clear their taxes stormed the internet. They had $28,000 to catch up to from 2010 to 2012. The councilwoman herself acknowledged her shortcomings.

Married & Children

LaToya is a married woman, who savors a warm relationship with her husband Jason and her daughter in New Orleans. Essence confirmed that the married couple are married for over 19 years.

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Although the story behind her relationship with spouse and their marriage is unclear, the pair welcomed their daughter named RayAnn in December 2007.

New Orleans’ Mayor LaToya celebrates her election victory with daughter(Photo:

LaToya often shares family moments on social media with the inclusion of her daughter and husband. Currently, her daughter is Rayann is 11 years old.

Bio, Family & Education

Born on 3 April 1972, LaToya Cantrell hails from Los Angeles. Both her father Stan Wilder and grandfather Dred Wilder are no more alive. Cantrell was brought up by her mother and step-father. Her mother was a social activist, and her stepfather an LAPD officer.

LaToya was eight when she realized that her surroundings fell from the stable line. The rise of gangs, violence, and drugs around her forced the young Mayer and her brother to leave the neighborhood. They move to their grandmother’s house in Alabama away from their parents.

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Later, Cantrell migrated from New Orleans in 1990 for her education. There she earned a sociology degree from Xavier's University, New Orleans, and completed management training from Harvard University.