Loretta Lynch Fired, New Job, Salary, Net Worth, Husband

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 14 Nov, 2018
Loretta Lynch Fired, New Job, Salary, Net Worth, Husband

The black lady who had to give re-exams just because she was black, the student who had to share the top position with a white to avoid controversy. Loretta Lynch rose through all the discriminations she had to face becoming one of the finest lawyers in the States.

Loretta is the American lawyer who served as the attorney general. She was the first African American women to serve as an attorney general.

Loretta's Journey As An Attorney; Fired By Donald Trump

The attorney general kicked off her career in 1984 as a litigation associate at New York law firm Cahill, Gordon and Reindel. She worked in many roles throughout her career, as a prosecutor, chief of the Long Island Office, as an assistant to the US Attorney Zachary, and many other roles. All these roles added experiences on her CV enhancing more as a lawyer.

She got a new job as attorney general by ex-president Bill Clinton for the Eastern District of New York in 1999- 2001. Later again in 2010, she was nominated by Barack Obama for the same job of attorney general she had in 1999. She started to work for the position on 3rd May 2010 officially.

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In 2015, as an attorney general, she launched “Community Policing Tour” which was designed to encourage "public safety and reinforce the relationship between police and community" and foster mutual respect and trust.

She was handling the case of Hilary Clinton’s where Clinton was using her private email to store the government documents. In June 2016 as she was going through the case, she had to face the controversy as the awkward meeting between the attorney general and the legal situation between Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. Reportedly, they had a private meeting in Phoenix airport, and they were said to have discussed private affairs like grandchildren and golf.

Later she clarified the news saying she and her husband met Bill in the airport and the talk was about his grandchildren and more of a social conversation about travel. It had nothing to do with Hilary’s case. FBI director James Comey declared that the case was concluded and no evidence of criminal conduct was found. Comey also said that Loretta compromised with the investigation. Defending this she said

"Never hesitated to make the hard decisions. At no time did I ever discuss any aspect of the investigation with anyone from the Clinton campaign or the DNC."

In 2018, Donald Trump fired some of the senior officials, and some were threatened who were involved in the Russia investigation. Though she has not been fired for Russia investigation, she was fired for the Clinton investigation.

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Today, she is working as a counsel for the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Loretta's Net Worth And Salary As A Lawyer And Attorney?

Loretta has summoned her net worth from her career as a lawyer. As per sources, the average salary of a lawyer is $118,160 per year. She surely garners more than an average salary as Loretta worked for more than two decades as a lawyer.

Her attorney general work also has added to her net worth. The average salary of the attorney general is $199,700. Being the attorney who has handled some of the most critical issues in the nation, she has accumulated a massive fortune.

At the age of 59, she is not only financially strong but has also become one of the renowned personalities. The lawyer attended Harvard Law School and got her law degree from Harvard University.

Loretta's Husband and Father

The lawyer is married to a master control operator at Showtime, Stephen Hargrove. She mothers two stepchildren from her husband.

Before getting married, she drove Stephen to meet her father, where her father and Stephen went on a drive. When Stephen asked for her hand in front of her father, he said he could not give his daughter even if he wanted to because she was an independent girl living her own life, so it was a yes if she has agreed.

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(Photo: The Washington Post's Twitter)

Loretta’s father, Lorenzo Lynch himself is a retired fourth-generation Baptist minister. Back in Loretta's early days when blacks were not seen in any profession in America, Lorenzo managed to earn a position of Baptist minister. Maybe the courage and toughness in Loretta are inherited from her father.