Steve Bannon Wiki, Net Worth | Who is Steve Bannon?

By Oshil Pokhrel | Published On: 28 Oct, 2018
Steve Bannon Wiki, Net Worth | Who is Steve Bannon?

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon's White House regime under Trump's administration ended in August 2017 following the Charlottesville, Virginia rally that resulted in the death of one counter-protestor. Donald claimed that 'both sides' were equally to blame for the violence for the Unite the Right rally.

The 45th President response became widely criticized, and Steve also fueled marking the remarks of several white houses members to the journalist which resulted in his departure. White House released an official statement in August 2017 and marked Steve's last day on White House wishing him the best.

Who Is Steve Bannon?

American political figure Steve Bannon, 64, is a former White House Chief Strategist who served under American President Donald Trump from 20 January 2017 to 18 August 2017. During the 2016 American presidential election campaign, he worked as a chief executive of Trump and became chief strategist following Trump's victory over the Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton.

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The Norfolk, Virginia native was born as Stephen Kevin Bannon on 27 November 1953. His mother, Doris was a homemaker while his father Martin J. Bannon Jr served as a middle manager. The media executive was born as the third of five children and referred his household as a working-class Irish-Catholic family filled with a pro-Kennedy and pro-union Democrats.

Steve graduated from all-boys Benedictine High School at the age of 18 and pursued his education at Virginia Tech. In 1976, he graduated from Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies and secured MBA degrees with honors from Harvard Business School in 1985. While studying at the military high school, Steve worked as an officer of United States Navy for seven years. As per wiki, in Navy, he operated as an auxiliary engineer, navigator and became a special assistant at the Pentagon.

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How Much Is Steve Bannon Net Worth?

Considering Steve's status as a political figure, his peak net worth of $48 million according to the financial disclosures is not an astonishing fact. As per the documents of 30 June 2017 released by, the former White House Chief Strategist received an annual salary of $179,700 while serving under president Donald Trump. 

Steve Bannon received $179,700 as annual salary while serving under Trump's administration as White House Chief Strategist (Photo:

The financial disclosure in late March 2017 showed Steve unveiled his assets between $13 million and $56 million. The disclosure form conferred that the Harvard Business School graduate entered White House in January 2017 with an estimated net worth of $10.7 million. After becoming a top advisor of Donald Trump, the presidential campaign chief executive earned over half million dollars from GOP donors.

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As per the reports, Steve collected over $1.3 million salaries in 2016. Before joining Trump's campaign, he generated vast chunks of money, nearly about $494,000 from his consulting firm Bannon Strategic Advisors. The former investment banker assembled fortunes worth $191,000 from Breitbart News. The financial stakes in TV show Seinfeld helped him to secure the capital between $50,000 to $100,000 in 2016.