Mike O'Hearn Wife, Height, Net Worth, Diet Plan, Workout

Published On: 22 Oct, 2018

Mike O'Hearn Wife, Height, Net Worth, Diet Plan, Workout

Mike O'Hearn is an American bodybuilder and also a fitness model who has a near-perfect shaped body. Other than that he is also a powerlifter and a TV star who has made his appearance in many Hollywood movies.

Mike O’hearn has been around for decades and is still going strong, just like his workouts. His hard and heavy approach to training is the complete opposite of his personal and family life. 

What Is Mike's Net Worth? 

Mike O'Hearn summons his net worth by working as an American professional bodybuilder. His net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 Million. 

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He began competing in bodybuilding when his age was just 14 and won the Teenage Washington State competition. He was the youngest in the family of ten members. His entire family was either bodybuilders or powerlifters, including his sisters. Mike strived for fitness and growth to stand out and was forced into training to survive a large family. He soon took to the weights and learned martial arts to defend himself. The progress kept on coming as Mike grew and grew, not only in size and strength but also in popularity and fame. 

Other than that he has also featured in few movies like Barbarian, Keeper of Time, and Death Becomes Her. He also achieved fame from his appearance as Titan in  2008 revival of American Gladiators

Mike's Diet Plans And Workouts! Influence On His Personal Life

Mike was influenced at an early age in powerlifting from his family, Mike’s workouts are generally based on heavy lifting with a lot of intensity. He is more into old school training of lift heavy to become heavy. Taking two days off every week on Saturday and Sunday, Mike always includes Abs, squats, and cardio to his workouts. He starts his week by chest workout followed by legs the other day and then shoulders and arms on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. On Friday he does his back workout including his regular abs and cardio as well. 

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Not just lifting heavy, Mike also eats heavy. He remained fit, healthy and ripped all year using his standard diet plan. Mike usually eats eight meals a day out of which in his the first four, consumes more protein and carbs and in the remaining four meals, eats more vegetables and fewer carbs. He prefers changing his diet plan as he believes that the human body will adapt to anything.

The workout has also influenced his personal life as he was married to a wrestler wife. Mike shared the wedding vows with Midajah McCullum. However, the couple's marriage didn't last long and got divorced.

Mike O'Hearn hugging his girlfriend Mona Muresan on 4 October 2018 (Photo:

Currently, Mike has a girlfriend named Mona Muresan, who is a fitness model. The couple is reportedly dating with each other for 19 years now. 

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Short Bio

Mike O'Hearn was born on 23 January 1969 in Kirkland, Washington. He currently resides at California, USA. He holds American nationality and stands tall at the height of 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm).