Brandon Beck Net Worth

Published On: 08 Apr, 2016

Brandon Beck Net Worth

Brandon Beck is a popular name in the field of American business and entrepreneurship. He is one of the biggest icon and businessman as well as an entrepreneur who has so very high net worth of $50 million. Brandon, being best known and renowned as the co-founder and also, the CEO of the video game publisher called ‘Riot Games’ has made his name through the same identity. He founded the respective games with his co-founder named Marc Merrill in Los Angeles, California. They did so in the year 2006. On the other hand, Riot games is also a video game developer as well as the sports tournament organizer who is best known for their online multiplayer game called ‘League of Legends.'

Beck previously worked as a strategy consultant for an organization called ‘Bain & Company.' Riot Games initially had a revenue of $1.3 billion and also had a total of 1000 employees. Beck is a happily married individual who is seen posting about his wife several times in the social medias. The couple had their wedding ceremony after dating for few time. He always has his companion as a girlfriend or as a wife. His wife frequently informs that Beck has always been loving and his fame has never changed his positive attitude and behavior. On top of that, he has been more caring towards his wife and a small newborn child. This proves that he is not a gay. One of his important aspect of life must be his parents too who have supported him in his every single decision.

The personality with such a high salary is seen very much active on Twitter with his email id as @Brandonbeck. Also, his shirtless are very much liked by his fans. Even after having a high earning, Beck seems to be very down to earth kind of person. He is very focused and determined personality. His major priority seems to be his family and parents. He can be a great motivator for all for having such a good name in the industry at such a small age. He can also be an example setter for all the young people that be because of his popularity or the good-natured behavior he possesses. This has made his wiki more successful and popular and also his bio more interesting.