Adam Montoya Net Worth

Date: 09 Jun, 2016

Adam Montoya Net Worth

A well-known SeaNanners in the internet world is a video game commentator on YouTube Adam Montoya was born on June 12, 1984, in San Diego State. He started out by making CoD: WaW videos but later moved on mostly newer cod games and now just games in general.

After graduation from San Diego State, Montoya found job hunting to be difficult and discouraging. Instead of finding a stable employment, Montoya did freelance work such as filming the wedding. On December 3, 2009, Montoya uploads a video to his channel explaining that he is now partnered with Machinima Inc.

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Happy 5-year anniversary @catabot!

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Being a YouTube celebrity, Montoya has many followers from all over the worlds. Montoya is currently dating Cathy Diep. Montoya and Cathy met while Montoya was working at Machinuma.Com. There has been a rumor that Cathy and Montoya are married but Montoya denied it in his video. The couple seems happy but not as husband and wife but may tie the knot soon. Montoya has no any girlfriend till now.

Talking about his net worth he has made net worth of $4 million. Montoya is not only video Game Commentator but also Actor and Musician as well. So he might get good salary by his performance. He now commentators on games he plays with another commentator including Jordan Maron, Markiplier, Tom Cases, and many other gaming personalities.

He became famous for helping the people watching becoming better at the games while still being entertained. The more he created the more his personality became integrated with his videos. On November 5, 2014, Montoya announced that he and his associates had launched an MCN, JETTA. He has gained millions of views for his video game-themed videos much like Anthony Padilla. 

Adam Montoya is a hard worker celebrity. He has done many struggles in his career of life. People start sharing rumors that he is a gay but he is not a gay he is normal people like we. 

To know more about his interesting lifestyle you can go through his website Also, you can go through his wiki also follow him on Twitter.