Brendon Burchard Net Worth

Published On: 18 Jun, 2016

Brendon Burchard Net Worth

Do you like to read motivational stories? Have they helped you in your personal development? There are very few authors who have made their names in the non-fiction genre. And, one of them is Brendon Burchard. An American author and the motivational speaker, Brendon has made a difference to a lot of people around the world from his books and speeches. Known for his high performances, Brendon has been noted as one of the bestselling authors of New York Times. You might be wondering, then, what’s his net worth. Let us spill the beans for you. He is the millionaire with the net worth of $7 million. Wow, right?

Let’s talk about his personal life then, shall we? Born on September18, 1977, Brendon in Montana, Brendon didn’t think of being the motivational persona of the people until he was 19 years old. An incident occurred which changed his whole perspective of knowing about life. He got lucky and survived the fatal car accident which results in him to take inspiration and preach that insight to others. His major principles during his teachings are about “Life, Love, and Existence.” “Why did I live? Why did I love? And am I really going to matter to this world?” These three questions can be seen in his every teaching lesson.

Moreover, Brendon has also initialized the training programs for the students such as “Experts Academy” and “High Performance Academy.” There, the students can learn about different important lessons which are helpful for them such as entrepreneurship, business, psychology, persuasion, and productivity. Plus now, he is also the host of the program. He started it from 2016 through Ora TV in the program “The Changed Life.”

Till now, Brendon has authored 4 books to motivate people. His first novel was “Life’s Golden Ticket” which was published in 2008. If you read this book, you would find about the life-giving second chances to everyone. In 2011, he released his second book named “Millionaire Messenger” which listed as the bestseller in New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Many people remember him from this book. Similarly, he published his next book, “The Charge” in 2012 where he focused on the driving forces of the human beings. Lately, in 2014, he released his fourth book, “The Motivation Manifesto” where he talked about claiming the personal powers.

Though Brendon has been so much popular among his fans, people do not know much about his personal life. You cannot find much about his married life, wife or divorce in the Tabloids. But if you are his regular follower in social networking sites, you will definitely find about his more information. Brendon, age 38, is famous for his quotes during his lessons. You can find his quotes on IMDB and his YouTube videos.

If you want to know more about him and be inspired, don’t forget to read his books.

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