Dina Merrill Wiki, Children, House, Net Worth and Today

Date: 31 May, 2016

Dina Merrill Wiki, Children, House, Net Worth and Today

Dina Merrill is a prolific woman. Not only is she an actress, but also a business woman and an altruist. She was born on the 29th of December, 1923. That puts her age at 92 this year. This woman of 5’11” has reached a great height of success. She started her career on stage in 1945 in a play titled “The Mermaid Singing.” After a decade in the theater, she finally appeared in her first movie the 1957-Dest Set, followed by many other movies such as the 1958 A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed, 1959 Don’t Five Up the Ship. Operation Petticoat in 1959 and Butterfield in 1960 along with The Young Savages (1961) were some of her notable appearances. Her movie career has spanned over half a century. In 2003, she appeared in the movie Shade. Merrill has also starred as a guest artist in many television shows such as Calamity Jan in the 1960s.

Dina has been married three times, since 1945. She married her first husband Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr., heir to the Colgate toothpaste empire. She had 3 three children with him- Nedenia Colgate Rumbough, David Post Rumbough, and Stanley Rumbough III, but had a divorce in 1966. Her second husband was Clifford Parker Robertson III, a movie star. Him too she divorced in 1989. She had her fourth child- Heather with Clifford. Sadly, two of her four children- Heather and David died. Her third husband is Ted Hartley, whom she married in 1989 and whom she has been with since.

Dina is the daughter of Wall Street firm founder E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post of Post cereal. Dina, besides her career as an actress, is also a businesswoman. She started Pavilion, a production company, together with Ted Hartley in 1988. Later, after their marriage, they bought RKO Pictures, merging the two companies as RKO Pictures. Merrill has remained the vice chairman of the company. Today, Merrill stands on a net worth of $5.1 billion. She lives in her house at West Dune Lane in the East Hampton. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She is also a trustee at Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.

Merrill is a philanthropist and an advocate for women’s health. She is the vice president of the New York City Mission Society. Despite her age, Merrill remains active still appearing on television and her social front. For more wiki on Dina Merrill, dear folks, you may follow her online.