Jason Connery Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Gay, Net Worth

Date: 14 Jul, 2016

Jason Connery Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Gay, Net Worth

Jason Connery is one of those actor and directors who has been able to make life more meaningful by understanding one’s passion and drive. He is a British nationality who has a white ethnicity. He has reached to the age of 53 and has a height that makes him look great on the screen. He was born in the year of 1963 and has his birthday celebrated on the 11th of January every year. He was born to one of the best actors in the industry, Sean Connery and his wife (the first one) Diane Cilento. Because of his father being an actor himself, we can assume that his father must have added a huge inspiration to his life and his father’s success must have built the interest in the field of acting in the minds of this celebrity. He has attended various schools before he finally got into a Theatre school which is the reason he has such skills he has honed today.

Jason’s career has basically shaped by his works in the field of acting and directing which have been improving each day than those days in the year of 1983 that he started working. Before the debut he made in the world of films, he had gotten many roles in theatre and in many B-films. The Lords of Discipline was the first break that he got! He was loved for his appearance in Doctor Who, Robin and Marian, Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming, Merlin: The Quest Begins, Faithful Dealing, Shoebox Zoo, Night Skies, Brotherhood of Blood, etc.

Jason’s net worth has not been calculated as such but his father’s net worth is $300 million which must have certainly inspired him to try and get near that amount of wealth. But we can tell that because of his experiences and learning he could use those in the upcoming works of his that could help him to gain higher net worth. Jason is not only an actor but also a director whose first work that people loved was Pandemic. Apart from that, movies like The Devil’s Tomb, 51, The Philly Kid, etc. have given him chances to believe in himself and explore the director in him. Currently, he has been found to have been busy with Tommy’s Honour which is a film that intends to celebrate the lives of pioneers in golf.

Jason has been in various relationships and has had affairs and is not gay! But not much about his affairs have been talked about because he was usually found dating an American actress called Mia Sara around the year 1996. She remained as his girlfriend for a long time before they found out that they could complement each other’s life and got married. His wife gave birth to a son named Dashiell but they couldn’t raise him together because they got divorced after around six years of their marriage. This celebrity can be followed in Instagram where he has shared many pictures of his and can also be read about in Wikipedia.