Jose Canseco Net Worth

Published On: 08 Aug, 2016

Jose Canseco Net Worth

A Cuban-American former Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder and designated hitter, and the best baseball player of the worldwide who plays for Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings, Jose Canseco Capas Jr. but professionally known as Jose Canseco. Ex- American baseballer Jose was born on 2nd July 1964 in Havana, Cuba. Jose is the son of Jose Sr and Barbara Canseco, where they left Cuba in 1965 and he and his family move in the USA. So José grew up in the USA with his friends and twin siblings and later graduated in 1982. So it seems that he born in Cuba but holds the American nationality.

Former America Baseball player Canseco major baseball league career began in 1985 with Oakland Athletics where Jose played with till 1992. Subsequently, Canseco played for other teams like Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, New York Yankees  and finally with Chicago White Sox before his retirement, where Jose had 1,407runs batted, 266 batting average and 462 home runs in his baseball career. Canseco belongs the Spanish-Cuban ethnicity.

Cuba-born former American baseball player Jose Canseco has a net worth of $500 thousand. Jose has since come to be a bit of a contentious figure in the sports world and is estranged from most of his ex-baseball mates and team members. During his career, Conseco earned $45 million in salary including with his taxes and fees. His peak wages was the $5.8 million, Jose earned from the Boston Red Sox in 1995. In an interview, Canseco said that he has his two divorces cost him more than $7 million. The former Cuban-America baseball player Canseco has 7,300-square-foot California mansion, allegedly owing $2.5 million. The report said the very richest athletes and baseball player how spent his high amount of money, Jose is the deep addiction in the drugs and gamble, so he lost is maximum salary and net worth. So like many players, Canseco spent his money nearly as fast, so Jose currently has declared that he is no longer even a millionaire.

Moving to his personal bio, a young and handsome former baseball player Canseco has been married twice. Jose first married to his around seven years dating girlfriend Esther Haddad in 1988, but the relation can't go longer together, the couple divorced in 1992. And after Jose found another beautiful or cute girl Jessica Sekely and married in 1996, but that marriage ended as well in 2000. Jose and his ex-wife Jessica have one daughter, her name is Josie. And currently Jose ex-wife Jessica can now be seen on the reality television program, Hollywood Exes. Now currently Jose is living alone and there was no any dating rumor about him on the wiki. Hope he will live happily.

The 52 years former baseball athlete Jose has tall towering height with 6 feet 3 inches and weight 109 kg. He has a well-maintained body with fit and healthy, because of his balanced diet and daily workout Catch him also on his Twitter and Instagram account.