Julie Chrisley Wiki, Birthday, Husband, Kids, Parents, Cancer, Weight Loss

Published On: 18 Jun, 2017

Julie Chrisley Wiki, Birthday, Husband, Kids, Parents, Cancer, Weight Loss

There are lots of things that change the life of a person both in a good way as well as a bad way. Julie Chrisley is reality television personality whose life changed drastically after meeting Todd Chrisley, a real estate broker. She starred alongside him in the hit reality show Chrisley Knows Best. She operates a website in which she shares her recipes and has said that she was surrounded by best culinary traditions while growing up.

What Does Julie Exactly Do? 

The strong-willed and outspoken woman isn’t afraid of little things and inspires her children to not sweat on small stuff. She isn’t afraid to say out things she thinks and has been an integral part of her husband’s career. She was a part of the reality show Chrisley Knows Best which became a big hit. She hasn’t been in the major media or television on the shows since then but continues to make her presence among people with the site she owns. Her recipes are followed by many which have inspired her to work continuously on it.

Brush with Breast Cancer and Ultimate Win Over It!!

Yes, she is a breast cancer survivor, and she revealed it in 2015 while talking to the Hello Magazine. Her family didn’t have the history of such, and she had never expected to suffer from the disease. After a request from her husband, she got the mammogram which showed that she had, in fact, cancer and had a diagnosis without wasting any time. She has now been cancer-free for more than five years.

How’s Julie’s Marriage with Todd?

As a young woman. She lived an ordinary life which changed after meeting the witty and fun loving real estate broker Todd Chrisley. The man was an already married man with two children. His ex-wife had also alleged that he mentally and physically abused her. It didn’t affect her love for the person, and she found a loving man in him.

They married in in 1996 and have been together since. Julie has been a crucial and an influential part of Todd’s life as she has always lent her hand to him whenever necessary.  Her strong will has inspired every member of the family to cope with any situations.

Her husband enjoyed tremendous success at the prime of his career, but his career hit the rock after some time putting him in millions in debt and making him come close to filing for bankruptcy. She has been on his side the entire time and has supported the family with her net worth of around $3 million. They have three kids together, Chase, Savannah, and Grayson.

Wiki-Like Bio:

Julie Chrisley currently aged 44 was born in 1973 in South Carolina, U.S and celebrates her birthday on January 9th. She was born to the white parents where her father was a Baptist minister. Although she was happy that her family got to be on a hit show, she joked that she couldn’t go to market without makeup anymore. She is an American national and belongs to white ethnicity. The mother of three who seems to have undergone some weight loss and minor plastic surgery still has the same aura and charisma of a young woman, and her haircut resembles her nature as an outspoken and leading lady.