Mykelti Williamson Wiki, Married, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

Published On: 23 Aug, 2016

Mykelti Williamson Wiki, Married, Wife, Divorce and Net Worth

Mykelti Williamson was born as Michael T. Williamson on the fourth of March in the year 1960; that makes him a celebrity of the age of fifty six. He is an American nationality and an actor by profession. He was born in Missouri in the United States of America. He was born to Elaine and her husband who raised him in good health. Not much about the family and childhood of this celebrity have been known but we have the information regarding his interest in acting that was built in him from a very young age. The determination to do well in the field of acting must have stemmed from the dream of younger days, the dream to become popular star in the horizon of entertainment industry. His family moving to Los Angeles has played a great role in his life; that is basically the opportunity he grabbed to get into acting. Mykelti has a black ethnicity and has several shirtless pictures that he posed for.

Mykelti, at the age of nine, had already begun to perform; he had already started his acting since then. Despite of the fact that he loved other sports and games like he loved acting, but because he found his passion in the latter, he continued it as his career. With a great height and personality, Mykelti has created an image that people have loved in the television and in movies. The most memorable works of his include Starsky and Hutch, Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, Midnight Caller and China Beach. We can see that his debut in the film industry was from the film called Streets of Fire. Other works that have given him his identity are Wildcats, The First Power, Forrest Gump, Heat, Waiting to Exhale, etc.

Mykelti has a net worth of $2 million. His net worth has been accumulated to that huge amount because of the hard work and persistence that he has shown in his work life. He has learned to create a balance between his personal and professional life. We have also found that Mykelti has understood the power of social network. This actor who is mostly recognized as Bubba in the movie Forrest Gump can be found in Twitter. For the followers who want to learn from his experiences and learning, following him in Twitter apart from reading his biography in the Wikipedia would be an awesome way to know him better.

The love life of this celebrity has seen many ups and downs. We have known that he has been married thrice, is not gay and has had to leave two of his wives and again had to be in on and off relation with his third wife. He had been married to Olivia Brown for two years and got divorced when things didn’t work. Again, he got married to Cheryl Chisholm and had a baby with her. They got separated too, and Sondra Springs came into his life as his girlfriend whom he went out dating and got married.