Nathan Morris Married, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Published On: 08 Apr, 2016

Nathan Morris Married, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Nathan Morris is a well-known English evangelist. He is known for Bay Revival or the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. This is a spiritual event around the USA. This event is internationally broadcaster on television. He is also the founder of Shake the Nations. This is an organization that helps and undertakes humanitarian work in developing countries worldwide.

He was born in the year 1979. He is current age is 37 years old. In July 2010, his event ‘The Bay Revival’ was started in Mobile, Alabama. They started it when he was preaching at the church in Daphne, Alabama which was headed by John. The event was held at the Mobile Convention Center. It was supernaturally healing several patients, and it was viral all over the media and internet due to which it attracted a huge number of audience. It was conducted for several months, and it was very successful. Even the ABC news was showing their videos in the program ‘Faith Matters’. Because of this program, thousands of people from all round USA came and attended the event. The most viral video that was on the internet and also was published several time was of Delia Knox. This woman was paralyzed for about 22.5 years and had no scope of recovery, but when Nathen Morris prayed for her, she started walking. This video was so popular that it received about four hundred thousand hits on YouTube. This news was even covered by the UK national newspaper, Daily Mail.

In 2006, he established ‘Shake the Nations.' It is headquartered in South Yorkshire, UK. After his establishment of the organization, he has traveled all around the world and has done many mass gathering. He has traveled to India, Africa, USA and much more countries to help the people in need. He has an impact on lives of many people through his organization and events. His wiki and bio are filled with his personal life and more about his organization and events all around the world.

He is currently married to Rachel Morris. Their wedding was on 2011. His wife is a music instructor. Information about his children, height in not provided. He has a high net worth, but specific net worth is not provided.