Sarina Russo Wiki, Bio, Married, Husband and Net Worth

Published On: 23 Jun, 2016

Sarina Russo Wiki, Bio, Married, Husband and Net Worth

Are you seeking for the job? Or, you want the job that best suits you? Then, you can visit Sarina Russo’s sites and that will surely fulfill your requirement. Russo who established “The Office Business Academy” in 1979 is one of the richest women in Italy. She built an empire where more than 65,000 people have already got the job. Having the net worth of $103 million, she has proved that women can also be in the business. With more than 200 sites and 1000 employees, she has also been listed in No. 12 on BRW Women’s Rich List.

Born on June 23, 1951, Russo was a legal secretary before becoming an entrepreneur. To help the job seekers, she initialized the Sarina Russo Group which became a success story. Besides being the founder of the billionaire company, she is also the financial contributor for the major parties in Australia. She is also a motivator for those who are seeking the jobs. If you visit her official website, you can find about her beliefs on becoming a successful person. Not only she has indirectly given the job to many people, she has also given courses to the students. You can find more about it in

Russo has given the platform for both employers and job seekers. Her sites are not only operated in Australia but also in United Kingdom, China, India, and Vietnam. If you are searching to get the vocational training, you don’t have to go elsewhere. Russo’s sites have managed that also.

She got an idea about opening the typing school in 1979. With that small establishment, she started to support her student. She promised them to give the jobs. The idea which later became the motivation to many people is not enough. Her executive traits have also made it grow bigger.

At the age of 65, she has the same zeal to continue her work. As she focused on her business her whole life, she didn’t think about getting married. There were rumors about her being lesbian which she clearly declined. Maybe she doesn’t want a husband, children as they can be her distractions. Or, maybe because of her past relations, she is afraid of divorce. Nothing about her boyfriends has ever been disclosed. Open book in her professional life is so much mysterious in her personal life.

If you also want to find a job, you can contact them on As there is less information about her biography in Wikipedia, you can find more about her and her family life in