Ted Vernon Net Worth

Published On: 20 Jun, 2016

Ted Vernon Net Worth

A man with many talents, and celebrity as one of the most known flamboyant personality in south Florida a man of many layers, Ted Vernon. He is some who has an ability to resonate people with diverse interest. This unique quality makes him a unique business person. Ted was born in long Island, New York City. He is an American movie actor, writer, producer, entrepreneur as well as the car collector, who is perhaps best known for owning and operating Ted Vernon specialty Automobiles, which sells widely recognized for acting in several Hollywood movies as well as for being a professional boxer and an author. He has popularized worldwide recognition as an actor, writer, and executive producers after when he played the main role in his own screenplay of Hammerhead Jones, which was released world-widely and still frequent HBO. He was executive producer of the Major Motion Picture of John carpenter's village of the Damned with Universal Films starring Christopher Reeve, Kristy Linda Kozlowski.

Talking about his personal life, he has kept it low profile and has not revealed some personal matter. He married to actress Robin Vernon. The couple has lived very happily and there is no any divorce news about them. Interestingly, they have been a solid couple in spite of huge age gap. More precisely, Vernon is 69 or 70 as of 2016 whereas wife Vernon is her mid-thirties. But tabloids do not cover that whether they have children or not.

Born in the mid-fifties, ted started his career in the field of film-making and acting, as he directed and acted the movie "Hammerhead Jones" which was released in 1987. Since then, Ted has become prominent in films and has been an apart of the movies "screen crows", "Death print", "Tumors", "Zombie Infection" and much more. Along with acting, he was before active in boxing, as an amateur boxer in his late 20s. At that time, he managed to record 21 wins and only one loss during his career. For now, Ted enjoys his career as a successful entrepreneur and movie actor, while his present net worth of $15 million dollars caters to his daily life.

Vernon has thirty above years of knowledge in the car business, and his ability appeared in the book, "Collecting cars for fun and profit." Ted's customers range from small business owner, retirees, tourists, celebrities, professional athletes, and even royalty from the Middle East. Ted and his wife, Robin Ziel-Vernon, now live in their own house, Miami, Florida. Moreover, her bio and information can be found in wiki sites.