Justin Gimelstob Wife, Daughter, Son, Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 02 Oct, 2019
Justin Gimelstob Wife, Daughter, Son, Net Worth

Justin Gimelstob is best known as a professional tennis player from New Jersey, but that hardly describes this multi-talented personality. He is a former tennis player, a broadcaster of the Tennis Channel, businessman and also an actor. His acting credits are CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Cubed.

Gimelstob is a winner of the 13 A.T.P. World Tour and a champion of Australian and French Open Mixed-doubles.  He runs news show on the sports channel Tennis and also runs his business Without Limits Production company situated in LA.

Married Life- Wife, Children!

Justin Gimelstob was married to Cary Kendall Sinnott on 19 May 2012. Cary is a psychotherapist from Los Angeles, who earned a Ph.D. in psychology from California Institute. However, the psychologist failed to understand her husband’s psychological state and hence became a victim of abuse by her husband.

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Within just three years of their marriage, their blissful marriage turned to hell and as a result, the pair divorced in 2015. They had filed each other for domestic violence in custody. They together have a son Brandon, who was born in 2014. 

Justin, with his girlfriend, Austin, and son Brenden. (Source: Justin's Instagram)

However, Cary is not the only girl in his life. It seems like he has now moved on from his post-affair and is reported to be dating a new lady. He has been enjoying a romantic love-life with his possible girlfriend, Austin Ruth long before 2017. Justin is open about his relationship with this beauty. He even wished her on Valentine’s day on his Instagram in February 2019, indicating her as the most loving and supporting woman.

Justin Gimelstob Net Worth

The former American tennis player Justin, who got retired in 2007, is estimated to have a net worth of $8 million from his athlete career. He has won several championships including ten singles, 15 doubles, and mixed doubles titles along with Venus Williams in 1998’s Australian Open and French Open championship. He has won more than $2.5million as a monetary prize in his entire career.  

Apart from his net worth, Gimelstob also has a spacious SoCal house in California which he has rented to Brenthood neighbor, a real estate for $21,500 monthly since August 2019. Besides, he is also a founder of The Justin Gimblestob’s Children Fund in 1998.

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However, Justin had to lost his few amounts of income because of his legal faults and accusations. In 2018, he got arrested and was bailed with $50,000 for attacking his former friend Randall Kaplan in front of Randall’s pregnant wife and a two-year-old daughter. The reason he attacked his friend was that Randall was a good friend of his ex-wife Cary. The attack took a severe impact on Randall’s family; as a result, his pregnant wife went through a severe miscarriage after two weeks of the incidents.

Age, Height

Born on 26 January 1977 in Livingston, NJ, Justin is the son of his parents Patricia Ann Gimelstob and Barry S. Gimelstob. He was raised alongside his elder brother Josh and Younger brother Russell.

Not much is known about this fierce former tennis player except for the fact that he started tennis since 1996 when he was 19 years old. He stands a tall height of 6’5” weighing 195 lbs.