Lane Kiffin Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Affair, Salary, Net Worth

By Ravi Lama | Published On: 11 Nov, 2018
Lane Kiffin Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Affair, Salary, Net Worth

American professional footballer and coach, Lane Kiffin have been the faithful coach to Florida Atlantic University since he joined the team in 2017. He has become an essence of loyalty to audiences for his commitment to his playing as well as coaching career.

Born on 9 May 1975, Lane stepped into football as a quarterback for Fresno State, burnish his notoriety as a renowned football coach, accommodating millions dollar fortune in his pocket. Having expertise of two decades, the 43-year-old Lincoln-based coach controversially resigned his coaching job at Tennessee to hold the USC head coach position in Florida Atlantic University.

Kiffin’s Affair; Former Wife Teaching Kids ‘The Footprint Of Father’!

"Not every great man is a good husband, but he can be a great father."

If there were any Daddy of the Year Award, Lane Kiffin definitely would have held the consecutive trophies. The father of three, Lane Kiffin always has been an inspiration to his youngsters. He always has been a great father and his former wife, Layla Kiffin do admit the fact. She didn’t hesitate to gush in the media timeline that her daughter, Landry is following the footsteps of Lane and wanted to be a footballer as like her father.

But, unfortunately, Lane couldn't prove himself as the better husband. He failed to guard and defend the chain of his wedlock.

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The journey of his tumultuous married life started when he met Layla in 1999 while Layla was a graduate assistant at Colorado State. They then got engaged to each other after three months of dating.

Lane had surprised his father-in-law when he visited Layla’s dad office. Her dad thought that he wanted to do the job in his company. But, instead of that, Lane asked him for permission to marry Layla. Following the proposal, Layla’s father poked fun and asked his daughter if Lane was serious.

He and his longtime sweetheart shared wedding vows in 2004. The couple was cherishing the family moments with three kids, two daughter Landry and Pressley, and a son, Monte Knox.

However, Lane's marital relationship couldn't long last and ended in February 2016, filing for a divorce. Fortunately, the pair’s decision of separation was a mutual one. While speaking with US Today Magazine, Lane told that they still maintain an amicable relationship and raising their children.

Lane Kiffin's former wife Layla Kiffin and their kids, daughters Landry and Pressley, and a son, Monte Knox. (Photo: Twitter)

In 2015, Kiffin was rumored to be in an affair with both a booster member's wife and Kristen, who is his head coach, Nick Saban's daughter. 

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Lane Kiffin’s Net Worth; Salary In Millions!

Lane Kiffin, who accumulates the wealth as being the former football player and a football coach, started his career in 1994 as a Quarterback in the Fresno State, at the age of 19. He played there for two years. Later in 1997, he was hired as the assistant coach of Fresno State.

After then, the graduate of Fresno State served as the coach for Jacksonville Jaguars (OQC), USC (TE), USC (WR) USC (PGC/OC), Oakland Raiders, Tennessee and USC. While Lane was in the Oakland Raiders, he earned the total salary of $4 million as a part of his two-year contract. Later in 2008, he received the offer letter with the contact of $4 million.

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He has been the head football coach at Florida Atlantic University since 2017. With a great accomplishment as the footballer as well as the coach, the Florida Atlantic’s coach Lane has mustered the net worth of $6 Million.

 After he divorced with his wife Layla Kiffin, he had to abandon 34.5% part of his income to her, as per the wiki.