Scott Coker Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wife, Sons

By Prakriti Shrestha | Updated On: 15 Nov, 2018
Scott Coker Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wife, Sons

There are only a few people who know about mixed martial art as a sport. MMA, a sport that needed a lot of promotion got Scott Coker, who used his martial art and marketing expertise to promote the infamous sport. He, who used his skills in making the career out of it, ends up living and breathing martial arts every day.

Scott Coker is the founder of Strikeforce, a company that started in 1985 as a kickboxing organization which eventually became an MMA’s number two organization. He is also working as the president of Bellator MMA.

How Much Is Scott's Net Worth?

The net worth of the founder is $20 million. He amassed the amount as a founder and CEO of the kickboxing and MMA promoting company, Strikeforce, that was established in 1985, which had to dissolve in 2013. When he joined Bellator after Strikeforce, his average salary was $86,341 which added much in his net worth.

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Scott is the fifth-degree black belt holder who got to this stage with the guidance of Ernie Reyes, one of the greatest martial art masters of the century. With his dedication to promoting MMA and passion, he took his company to the next level. The company produced some of the best fighters -some of which were UFC champion- under his direction. Looking at the achievements of his fighter, makes him feel like a proud dad. He has spent his entire life in martial arts both as a student and teacher. There are very few people who put their full time in martial arts and its promotion, so he was an example and the most admired person in the industry.

Despite all the hard work and time that he devoted to his company, he had to let go of it at the age of 49 in 2011. For him maybe it was like leaving a part of his body behind. The company was like a baby he nurtured and cared so leaving it in somebody else’s hand was very difficult for him. After Strikeforce, he joined Bellator. He is currently working here using the experience he learned from his past company. He has also been associated with Hollywood with movies like The Last Dragon, Dragon Fight, and Surf Ninjas.

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He says he is married to his job, as soon as he opens his eyes in the early morning, thinks about the fights he has to plan, this continues until he goes to bed. He is doing around 27 fights a year, making it three events a month, so he has no time to think about anything except MMA.

Is He Married To Any Lady Or Is MMA His Wife?

The martial artist is so busy with his job that he has not got the chance to get married. When asked about his marital status, he calls himself as “pretty much married.” He lives together with his partner and a son, so for him, it is pretty much like being married. He has not had any ceremony to turn his soulmate into his wife.

He says his son is not interested in martial arts like him. But he also said that he is a good kid and is planning his journey. He spends a lot of time with his son, and though he is not into martial arts, they go to the gym together.

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Scott Coker picture with his mother (Photo:

Born on 3rd October 1962 in Seoul, South Korea, he belongs to a mixed ethnicity with an American father and a Korean mother. There were three sons in the family and among them, he was the second child. He was supported by his family as he was the only son who was taking the tradition of martial arts as his career.