Akio Toyoda Net Worth, Wife, Ethnicity, Now

By Sachindra Karki | Published On: 18 Sep, 2019
Akio Toyoda Net Worth, Wife, Ethnicity, Now

Japanese business executive Akio Toyoda is one of the renowned figures who was appointed as the President of Toyota Motor Corporation in 2009. He has been awarded honors like L'ordre national de la Légion D'honneur, Officier-France in 2013 and Medal with Blue Ribbon-Japan in 2017.

His company invested in $10.4 million vehicles and pulled a gigantic figure $20 billion in net profits. His company also announced on March 2018 that they are going to invest an estimated $3 billion to develop software for the auto-driving mode to meet future expectations in the market.

Toyoda is fond of motorsports, during the off working hours he likes speed driving himself as well. He also likes to hang out with his celebrity friend and even blast the roof with his beats skills as guest Dj on the radio.

Wiki, Bio & Family

Akio Toyoda is a Nagoya, Tokyo native who was born on 3 May 1956. He belongs to Asian ethnicity. Toyoda graduated with a degree in Law from Keio University in April 1979. For the pursuit of higher education, he enrolled at Babson College in the United States and completed his Master's degree in business administration.

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Akio parents are Shoichiro Toyoda and Hiroko Mitsui. His mother Hiroko was the third daughter of multinational company Mitsui Conglomerate. As for his father Shoichito, he joined the company after the death of Akio's grandfather in 1952. He was appointed as director and general manager of the inspection department in July 1952.

Akio's father Shoichiro with his mother and family (Photo:

His grandfather Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of the company, was the president of the corporation from 1967 to 1982. Similarly, his father Shoichiro ran the company as the president from 1982 to 1992. His uncle Tatsuro Toyoda took the lead till 1995.

Married, Wife

The president of Toyota Motor, Akio is a happily married man, but he barely reveals the information on his personal life. While he has successfully kept his romance away from the fame light, it was then chief investment officer at Alphex Investments Co., Ichiro Takamatsu, who revealed the married status of Akio during his interview with Japan Times back in 2009.

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According to Ichiro, Akio and his wife are blessed with two healthy children, a son, and a daughter. The couple's son Daisuke has reached 31-years-old and is next heir of the successor of the company.

However, Daisuke will have to wait to take the lead of the company until then Akio has decided a salaryman will obe appointed as a CEO.

Net Worth

Akio became a part of the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in April 1984. He worked through several positions in his early years in the company from production and marketing to product development in Japan and overseas as well. He got promoted to TMC’s Board of directors of Japan in June of 2000.

The Nagoya native got promoted to senior managing director in 2003. In June 2005 he became the chief officer for the company to oversee the China Operations Group, Asia and Oceania & Middle East Operation Group. As of 2009, he was appointed as the president of the corporation.

There is no doubt that Akio has attracted enormous fame and wealth as the heir of the giant corporation and being part of the organization himself. He received $2.84 million as a salary when his bonus doubled alone in 2015.

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His efforts and dedication down his career as an entrepreneur have served him to garnish an exaggerating net worth which estimated to be around $1 billion as of 2019.