Tiffany Rivers [Philip Rivers' Wife] Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Family, Facts

By Chakrit Subedi | Updated On: 27 Dec, 2019
Tiffany Rivers [Philip Rivers' Wife] Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Family, Facts

When art, creativity, and design go together, it gives rise to new ideas or products. And to initiate this trend, one needs to have an innovative and entrepreneurship mindset. Tiffany Rivers is one of the women who meet both qualities. Not only she used her innovative mindset to address the need, comfort, and design of the women's inner bodywear, but also she carved a positive image for her company Hermoza donating money for the better cause. 

Like many other companies in the world, Tiffany's swimsuit manufacturer company Herrmoza invested in the health sector for social cause and awareness. She co-founded company Hermoza in collaboration with three non-profit organizations JDRF, Insulin for Life, and Diabetes Research Connection, to raise awareness on people with diabetes in November 2018. 


Tiffany Rivers was born in 1982 in Alaska, USA. She celebrated her 37th birthday in 2019. 

Family- Married Life

Tiffany Rivers is happily married to Philip River.

She first encountered Philip River in their middle school, where they started seeing each other. Then after nurturing their love for sometimes, they decided to get married. At that time, Philip was pursuing his college education at North Carolina State University. Interestingly, he was just 19 years old at that time.

Tiffany Philip had maintained such a strong emotional bonding that Tiffany would do anything to marry Philip. For the sake of love, Tiffany even changed her religion and converted into Catholicism in support of her catholic partner Philip before their marriage.

After she embraced Catholicism, they had their marital bliss in 2001 according to their religious customs.

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As the couple is fond of having many children, together, Tiffany and her husband Philip have been blessed with nine children. Out of the seven are daughters, and two are sons.

They gave birth to their first child Halle in 2002. And three years later, they welcomed the second member in their family named Caroline. Then after embracing their third daughter Grace, the couple got graced by their first son named Gunner.

Likewise, in 2010, Tiffany and her spouse got blessed with another daughter named Sarah, followed by their second son Peter.

Tiffany Rivers(carrying a baby) with her husband and children (Photo:-

Their fondness for children didn't stop there. Instead, they accepted every new member as the gift of God. In this context, they somehow played the role of the creator and welcomed their new daughter Rebecca in 2013, followed by Clare in 2015. And in the year 2019, the happy couple welcomed their youngest daughter Anna.

As nothing could be predicted about their plan, they may likely add more children to their family squad.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Tiffany Rivers is not disclosed. However, as being the co-founder of the Swimwear line Hermoza, she might be making a rewarding income. 

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Plus, as being the wife of Philip River, Tiffany Rivers enjoys her husband's fortunes. The estimated net worth of Philip River is 80 million and gets $20 per year, as confirmed by Celebrity Net Worth. He is one of the adroit NBA players who signed a six years deal with San Diego in 2009 for the lucrative sum of $92 Million. Then in 2015, his contract was extended to four years, where the club allocated $84 million for him.


  • Tiffany Rivers resides with her family members in San Diego, and her husband Philip commutes to Los Angeles in a Luxury SUV worth $2000, 000.
  • Tiffany’s son gunner was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was five years old, so they conducted an awareness campaign called Change the Game Campaign.
  • Her Husband Philip Rivers, who has a stunning height of 6 feet and 5 inches (1.96 m), is an NFL quarterback. The New York Giants drafted him in the 4th overall pick in 2004. Then he showed his top-notch game for San Diego chargers from 2006 to 2009. And again, he joined the club in 2013.