Who Is Allison Raskin Boyfriend? Everything On Her Dating Life

Allison Raskin is an American author who has worked on Buzzfeed, Dating strangers, etc. She was diagnosed with OCD at the early age of four. Now she is living with OCD and her boyfriend Jake. She is managing life with OCD and focusing on her personal life.

Who Is Allison Raskin Boyfriend? Everything On Her Dating Life

'The New York' best-selling author, Allison Raskin, is an American writer, director, comedian, YouTuber, podcaster, mental health advocate who is well renowned for her joint comedy YouTube channel Just Between Us. She previously worked with the American media company ‘Buzzfeed’ till 2015 but left the company with fellow writer and friend Gaby Dunn to pursue work on their comedy YouTube channel, Just Between Us.

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Raskin is a complete package of talent and entertainment who has excellent contributions writing Dating Strangers, If Men Lost Their Virginity Like Women Lose Theirs, and Miss 2059; apart from that, she is equally famous for her and her partner, Gaby Dunn's associated novel ‘I Hate Everyone, But You’.

Growing Up With OCD

The hand behind writing ‘Miss 2059’, Allison Beth Raskin, was born on 20 June 1989 in New York to Ken Raskin and Ruth Raskin, a photographer. She was raised along with older sister Jocelyn and obsessive behaviors. Later at the early age of four, she was diagnosed with OCD and had compulsive behaviors and suicidal tendencies but thankfully her mother has always remained by her side battling anxieties and obsessive behavior. While fighting with different anxiety and OCD, she grew up and went to the University of Southern California to pursue a bachelor's degree in screenwriting. As of now, the mother-daughter duo has recently opened up about Allison's childhood OCD and mental health to The Fix in September 2019. In the podcast, they shared their terrifying experience with the hope of being helpful to someone similar.

Allison Raskin with her mom. (Source: The Fix)

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How Is She Living With Her Boyfriend And OCD?

Raskin and Jake, her boyfriend, living together since 2019 and the duo enjoying their blissful love life, were met via a dating app. However, she refused to tell the name of the app until it pays her. She is still battling with OCD, but the pair still decided to stay together and compromise the environment instead.

She struggles to manage her boyfriend and OCD as she is obsessed with cleanliness, and her boyfriend doesn't share the same obsession. Their divergence certainly creates a struggle in the accommodation; she doesn't like sharing the same towel or is unsatisfied with the washed dishes. Allison has had medication and therapy to control her OCD for the sake of an easy life, but still, the fear of contamination haunts her.

But as now is a matter of her love life and battle, she is practicing herself to get over OCD and live a healthy life with her boyfriend: She is trying to control her psychological state when Jake wears sneakers in the second bedroom to work out. Also, she doesn't freak out when Jake bumps into her towel and tries to ignore the scene instead.

While on the one hand, she tries to be ordinary; on the other hand, her boyfriend also understands her situation. In her interview of October 2019, she said Jake knows that she gets triggered with the cleanliness of the airplanes, and after their return, Jake politely puts all his clothes in the wash, takes showers, and cleans the gadgets.

Allison Raskin with her husband Jake. (Source: International OCD Foundation)

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How Much Net Worth Does A Famous Author Enjoy?

As per sources, the average salary of a comedian is $14.94 per hour. Similarly, the average salary of a writer is $49,304, with a minimum of $31000 to a maximum of $85000. Since Allison holds a reputed position in both fields and is listed as one of the famous people born on20 June 1989, her net worth is estimated at around $2 million, which she earned from her primary source comedy writing. Her joint novel, ‘I Hate Everyone, But You', reached the top ten on 'The New York Times'  bestsellers list, which helped boost her net worth.