Ariana Rockefeller Net Worth, Husband, Married, Family

By Sachindra Karki | Updated On: 21 Nov, 2019
Ariana Rockefeller Net Worth, Husband, Married, Family

Ariana Rockefeller is a fashion designer and equestrian athlete. At first, she had no intention to enter the fashion line and graduated with a degree in Political Science from her University. However, she discovered her passion in the glamour world after being introduced by her grandmother. 

In 2011, Ariana launched her brand of clothing line and equestrian-inspired handbags. Her infamous fashion lines feature products like jackets, coats, three-quarter-sleeve-dresses, which have already become the heartthrob of the general public.

Besides her fashion ideals, Ariana is also very passionate about sports. Ariana began horseriding since she was three years old; she even competed in the equestrian team in her high school. She was also able to secure the fourth position in the 'Hampton Classic' in 2015.

Husband, Married

Ariana Rockefeller's love story bestows her failed relationship with entrepreneur Matthew Bucklin. The couple got married on 4th September 2010. And the wedding took place in Seal Harbour, Mount Desert Island, at Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden. 

Since the beginning, the bond between Ariana and Matthew was not stable. Matthew had to wait years for a proper date with Ariana and to make her a love of his life finally. Their love story is almost like a tale ripped right out of a fairy tale. 

They crossed paths for the first time when they were children on an island, Matthew was playing on the sand with his brothers, and Ariana’s nanny didn’t let her join them.

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After a decade, they officially met at Northeast harbor in August 2003. They bonded real quick; however, however, their relationship couldn't grow more than a friendship. Matthew was trying his best but, Ariana hadn't given much priority to his proposal.

In 2005, they again met after Ariana's parents separated. They started dating, but Ariana insisted it was just a summer fling. She moved to Hawaii and later Los Angeles to get away from Matthew as his approach scared her. On the other hand, Ariana didn’t want to get into a relationship.

After seven years of running away and reconnecting, they finally decided to settle down and tie the knot.

Ariana Rockefeller with Matthew Bucklin (Source:

But, their story didn't have a happy ending like a fairy tale—after nine years of journey as a married couple, Ariana and Matthew decided to walk down a different path in life. The divorce got finalized in October after filing in April 2019.

Ariana gave out a statement to Page Six confirming their separation and how the ex-couple is looking forward to venturing into a new chapter of their life with grace and gratitude.

About Matthew Bucklin

Her husband, Matthew was the founder and president of The Quit Company for more than nine years. His company sold and distributed Quit Tea, a product blend of herbs and spices to help people to quit smoking.

As of now, he is a business development manager at Smoke-Free Therapeutics since October  2019.

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Net Worth

 Ariana is the heir of the billion-dollar empire, the Rockefeller family, whose net worth is estimated to be around $11 billion. Besides her family prestige and stature, she has achieved a lot on her own, debuting in the glamour world.

She owns the fashion lines, which produced the products for the clothing line. Later, she also started the handbag line. Likewise, Ariana also launched a 1000 square foot shop in SoHo in 2014.

Her fruitful career with a hit fashion line and as a part of the entrepreneurial family has, without a doubt, accommodated her to amass a gigantic wealth in her life. As of now, according to Trendscatchers, as of 2019, Ariana’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.8 billion.

Additionally, she also owns a house in Wellington, Florida.

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Bio-Age, Height & Family

Daughter of a father, David Rockefeller Jr, and mother, Diana Newell Rowan, Ariana was born on 26 May 1982. She is a Cambridge Massachusetts native.

Her father is a fourth-generation of the massively successful family of entrepreneurs- Rockefeller. Unfortunately, Ariana's parents got seperated in 2005.

Though her family had a root in business, her grandmother Peggy McGrath inspired her to chase her dreams in the fashion industry. Ariana also credits family as a source of motivation, and inspiration. As for her, grandfather David Rockefeller, he is an American banker who shared $2 billion of his lifetime to many philanthropic organizations.

Talking about her higher education, Ariana attended Columbia University. On her physical feature, she stands just a few inches shorter than Matthew, who stands at the height of the six-feet.