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Cassady McClincy Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth

By Staff Writer | Updated On: 11 Jun, 2019
Cassady McClincy Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth

Cassady McClincy is an American actress best known for her role in the 2018 movie Love, Simon alongside co-star Nick Robinson. Cassady, before her role in Love, Simon, remained a relatively unknown actress despite having starred in several different movies and tv series.

The Gulfport native has managed to capture the hearts of audiences and critics alike. Her performance in Love, Simon turned out to be a breakthrough for her as she has been cast as a recurring character on the 9th season of the hit show The Walking Dead. It would be of no surprise to see a lot of Cassady on the big screen in the coming years.

Is Cassady Dating Boyfriend?

Cassady McClincy’s personal life is as dark as the night sky. She has managed to keep a very low-profile when it comes to her life behind the cameras and the lights. After her breakthrough role on Love, Simon, Cassady has managed to gain a massive fan following, and the first question her fans keep asking is whether she is single or in a relationship with a boyfriend.

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But Cassady has managed to keep things very secretive. There are no evidence that hints about her possible boyfriend nor has she been seen with anyone. So it would seem, at present, Cassady is single and does not have a boyfriend. She seems to be focusing her time and effort in building up her career to greater heights.

But onscreen, she does have a romantic life. Her character Lydia on the show The Walking Dead as per her comic origins happens to be in a romantic relationship with character Carl Grimes. But on the show, Carl has been killed, and it is unsure whether Lydia will have a new partner in her life.

Net Worth

Cassady derives her prominent part of the net worth from her career in Hollywood. Love, Simon turned out to be a breakthrough role for her. Before that, she had starred in Castle Rock, Poor Jane, Lore, Good Behaviour, It’s Supernatural, Constantine and more. And now, Cassady has been cast as Lydia for the hit series The Walking Dead for its ninth season.

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As for her net worth and her earning, the exact sum remains a mystery, but as per reports of, the average salary of an actor is about $50,529. With her involvement in the p[opular TV series, Walking Dead, Cassady's salary is assuredly more than the average number. So her net worth could be in the range of thousands.

Wiki, Parents

Cassady McClincy was born in 2000 in Gulfport, USA. She celebrates her birthday on the 1st of September every year. In her family, she, her brother named Gavin McClincy and her sister, Callie McClincy, maintain a very healthy relationship with her parents.

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Cassady takes her mother Dayla and her father as an inspiration who always work hard so that she could chase her dreams.

Cassady McClincy shares a picture of her and her mother on the occasion of Mothers' Day. (Photo: Cassady's Instagram | 8th May 2016)

As for her height and weight, the exact measurements remains undisclosed, but from a look into different pictures of Cassady, it stands at an average height and also is of the average weight. And being born in America, she holds American nationality and is of the white ethnicity.

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