Chad Wild Clay Wiki, Net Worth, Dating, Family

By Prabesh Niroula | Updated On: 31 Oct, 2019
Chad Wild Clay Wiki, Net Worth, Dating, Family

YouTube is a global platform for showcasing one’s skills. Over the years, operating a channel and actively uploading videos has been one of the ways of earning a livelihood for thousands of YouTubers. Impressing millions of people with his diss tracks towards other fellow YouTubers, Chad Wild Clay has amassed more than 9 million subscribers.

His channel mainly focuses on impressions and parodies of other people. He also does parody songs. Of all these, his parody video called Pen Pineapple Apple Pen alone accumulated 50 million views.

Wiki- Age, Real Name & More

Chad Wild Clay was born in 1984 in Minnesota. The 35-years-old YouTuber celebrates his birthday on the 10th of March every year. Like other YouTubers, he does have an internet moniker “Fruit Ninja” superhero, but Chad Wild Clay is his real name. He has a tall height of 6 feet 4 inches.

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There is minimal information about Chad’s family. He has mentioned his mother in his videos but has not revealed her identity. Other than that, Chad has a brother named Casey Clay, who is an Engineer by profession.

Chad's main strength lies in standing up to challenges and DIY tutorials. He is mainly vlogging via his channel and frequently collaborates with other web personalities such as Carter Sharer, Team Edge, Guava Juice, and Dude Perfect.

Net Worth

Chad started his YouTube journey in March of 2006. His first video was posted on the 6th of September the same year with the title iPhone Proposal in Movie Theater. In December of 2015, he gained more public appreciation with his video PSY-DADDY in ENGLISH Misheard Lyrics. The video has collected over 6.4 million views.

In 2017, Chad shared a piece of astounding news via his Instagram. Apparently, he was the 4th fastest growing channel on YouTube. He had just stepped in 1 Million subscribers.

Following this success, he posted several other videos, including parodies, challenges, unboxings, etc. He has also done various vlogs and challenges with other internet sensations like Carter Sharer, DanEDM, PopularMMOs, Papa Jake, and JackSepticEye, to name a few.

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With all these innovative ideas, Chad’s channel enjoys millions of subscribers and over 940 million views in total. One of his recent posts is Project ZORGO Took off His Mask. The video is fun to watch.

Thus, the YouTuber collects a decent amount of income from his Internet job. His actual earnings are still under review.

Note: estimated the earnings of Chad from his YouTube channel to be about $364.4K-$5.8 annually. Also, Chad’s wife earns an estimated annual amount of $329.4K-$5.3M from her channel.

Dating Girlfriend; Married?

Chad married his girlfriend, Vy Qwaint on the 31st of July, 2011. The wedding took place at Raspberry Island in Saint Paul. The couple first had their Vietnamese Ceremony at Vy’s parents’ home, and then the American Ceremony followed by a reception in Minneapolis.

Delving back into their love story, Chad and his girlfriend-turned-wife first met in June of 2004 at the Quang Restaurant via mutual friends. Chad invited Vy the next day at his party and also got rejected when he tried to kiss her. But things sorted out later, and they started dating.

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Since they got married, the bond amongst the pair has become strong. They often share their romantic moments on Instagram, showcasing how committed they are.

Chad Wild Clay with his wife Vy Qwaint, August of 2019(Photo: Chad Wild Clay’s Instagram)

Their height difference is quite visible, but as they say, Love Knows No Boundaries. They have set apart their differences and are still together.

Talking about the professional work, like Chad, his wife Vy, 33, is also a YouTube star. She is of Vietnamese ethnicity and celebrates her birthday on the 3rd of January every year. Her channel posts videos about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and, thus, enjoys more than 6 million subscribers.