Cleve Jones Wiki, Partner, Baby, Family, Net Worth

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 05 Dec, 2018
Cleve Jones Wiki, Partner, Baby, Family, Net Worth

LGBT community has faced enough problems till this date; it's now time they get an equal right as the straight people. One of the strong believers in the rights of LGBT is Cleve Jones.

Cleve is an author and activist fighting and formulating the policy for LGBT. He is one of the famous activists who was mentored by Harvey Milk, the openly gay politician. He is also known for some of his works in the big-screen including Milk, When We Rise, and 8.

How Much Is Cleve's Net Worth?

Cleve has been summoning most of the portion of his net worth as an activist. In average an activist is paid around $42K, as per wiki. Being mentored under the finest personality and having spent his entire life in the field he must have drawn more than an average salary.

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The main part of his career has been co-founding of San Fransisco AIDS Foundation. Cleve is also the founder of the world’s largest community arts projects, The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Activist Cleve in action (Photo:

He has also authored several books “Stitching The Revolution” being the most popular of them. His last book, When We Rise was published in November 2016.

Jones also had a house in Palm Spring which he sold in 2011. The sales of his Palm Spring property added $380,000 cash in his account.

His role as an activist and some of the parts from his books are portrayed in movies like Milk and When We Rise. The books and the movies that have taken his story must have added a good sum to his net worth.

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The loss of his loved ones as a victim of AIDS and himself being the victim of AIDS led him to be an activist. Even at the old age of 63 he is continually working to spread the awareness and says that there is still a lot to do. He was the one to initiate the bathroom laws for the transgender students. Cleve said that he has no plans for retirement as activism and justice is what he lives for. So he will fight for the rights no matter how old he gets.

How Cleve Rose Through Pain And Made A Perfect Family?

Cleve was married to his lover. After a few years of being married, he had to lose his partner. He gets very emotional about the topic and does not like to talk much about it.

Being a victim of AIDS and being in between life and death it was impossible for him to think about giving birth to a child. The phase was difficult for him and the society at that time made even it more difficult. Cleve was on the verge of giving up of his life. But he kindled the courage and decided to live and fight with the disease.

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Soon after he picked a straight boy, who needed a place to live, he moved to Palm Springs with the boy. After a few years, he again added a baby girl in the family. In that time, the baby daughter and the boy from the street kept him very busy.

The two kids added the joy to the family and also added purpose to his life. He did every possible thing to become a perfect father and give his kids the ideal life.