Danielle Busby Wiki: Age, Father Details, Job, Net Worth

A woman's life changes when she becomes a mother. For Danielle birth of all daughter quintuplets paved her way towards stardom and helped her get her own reality series. Danielle Busby is a reality star and stars with her husband, Adam Busby in the TLC television reality series, OutDaughtered. The mother of six is a beauty consultant by profession and owns Rush Cycle with her better half.

Danielle Busby Wiki: Age, Father Details, Job, Net Worth

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth Dec 23, 1983
  • Age 40 Years, 5 Months
  • Nationality American
  • Profession TV Actress
  • Marital Status Married
  • Husband/Spouse Adam Busby (m. 2006)
  • Divorced Not Yet
  • Gay/Lesbian No
  • Net Worth Not Disclosed
  • Ethnicity White
  • Social Media Instagram, Twitter
  • Children/Kids Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, Parker & Blayke
  • Height N/A
  • Education N/A

A woman's life changes when she becomes a mother. For Danielle, the birth of all daughter quintuplets paved her way towards stardom and helped her get her reality series.

Danielle Busby is a reality star and stars with her husband, Adam Busby, in the TLC television reality series, OutDaughtered. The mother of six is a beauty consultant by profession and owns Rush Cycle with her better half.

Who Is Danielle Busby’s Father?

Danielle Busby has a mother, Michelle, and twin sisters, Ashley and Crystal, and is very close to her family. Her mother was deeply affected by the Texas Hurricane back in 2017, and her daughters, Danielle, Ashley, and Crystal, along with their husbands, aided her after the natural calamity. Despite facing the natural disaster, Michelle's husband and Danielle's father never came to limelight.

With the increasing questions about Danielle's father, fans have begun making their hypothesis. One follower said that her dad might have died or divorced Michelle and left her with the only house. A fan on 11 July 2018, she voiced her curiosity about Adam's stand of not mentioning his father-in-law's name. Well, as of now, she is yet to confirm or deny the assumptions of fans. 

However, Danielle shares a cordial relationship with her father-in-law. She even encouraged her husband to seek help for his father to get out of postpartum depression. Adam revealed that he was hesitant to talk about the illness to his father, but after his wife's request, he spoke about his mental health to his dad during one of the episodes of OutDaughtered.

His father suggested him,

Part of the stuff that you’re experiencing is normal parenting — times five. And you and Danielle, I’m sure people would feel that if y'all grabbed your shirts and opened them up, there’d be a big S [for superhero] right there. But I know there have to be days where you don’t feel that way. We’re all flawed, but when you start getting bogged down... you need some help."

Adam later posted a tweet on 16 August 2017 thanking his father to be something special. In another tweet, he also said that everyone needs a father like him.

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What Is Danielle Busby’s Net Worth?

Danielle accumulates her net worth from her professional job as an independent beauty consultant. Not just that, Danielle and her husband make proper remuneration from their reality television series, OutDaughtered, since 2016.

Right after getting married, the reality couple made earnings at petrochemicals in Houston. For now, the significant part of their remuneration comes from their indoor cycling studio named Rush Cycle.

Danielle's Marriage Details; "OutDaughtered" By Quintuplets

Danielle and Adam dated for almost three years before they went to tie the nuptials on 22 June 2006. The couple spends quality time and is still together with their six daughters, Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Kate Busby.

Before starting the family after years of unsuccessful pregnancy as she struggled with infertility. After a year of trying to have a baby, Danielle, on her sixth cycle of intrauterine insemination (IUI), finally became pregnant with their first daughter, Blayke.

Danielle and Adam Busby along with their daughter in Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa on 29 June 2018 (Photo: Instagram)

After the arrival of Blayke, the couple knew that Danielle would have a hard time pregnancy. So to start an extended family, Danielle took a drug named Femara, which is used to treat fertility in females, and the journey of Danielle's second pregnancy was possible.

The pair got a positive test, a month of trial, and after four ultrasound, they got the news that Danielle was pregnant with quintuplets. The new babies were born via C-section on 8 April 2015, and Danielle and Adam are the first American couple to be the parents of quintuplets daughters. Among their five quintuplets, Ava and Olivia are identical twins.

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The pair had also recently celebrated their 12 years of marriage anniversary when they went on a romantic vacation in one of Jamaica’s Island. The couple soared the temperature with their sizzling chemistry as Adam shared a picture on his Instagram account on 20 July 2018.

The pair flaunts their chemistry in Negril, Jamaica on 20 July 2018 (Photo: Instagram)

In the picture, Adam described that he is having some quality time with his wife. He also revealed that the 12 years of weddings had been the best time of his life, and they are getting better as each day comes.

Danielle featured in another picture shared by Adam on his social account on 22 July 2018. Adam described that both of them had a fun-filled time sailing on the boat and humping off the cliff at Rick's Cafe, Jamaica.

Not only as a couple, but they are also adorable parents. Sharing the cute sweet videos of their daughter, Danielle took her Instagram Stories on 31 July 2018 to post some dancing clips of her quintuplets. The toddlers looked funny yet cute, jumping with joy when they watched a YouTube video, their father, Adam, had edited.

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Is Danielle Pregnant Again? Did Adam Lie About Vasectomy?

After having a daughter and then quintuplets, Danielle has raised both hands to have any more kids. Back in 2016, Danielle pursued her spouse, Adam, to get a vasectomy and even added that she had six daughters for him and asked him if he couldn't do one thing for him.

Adam, who was visibly uncomfortable, tried to make his way out of the medical appointment. But after Danielle's persistence made him get a vasectomy. Was it the end of the story? Not.

In the teaser of the show, Outdaughtered in August 2018, it hinted that Danielle might be pregnant again. The scene even got more intriguing when she again asked Adam about his vasectomy. Adam didn't answer right away, prompting fans to assume that he didn't get a vasectomy, as suggested by his wife two years ago.

However, it might all be the strategy to attract more fans into the show, as the show reportedly filmed in December 2017. Many believe that if she had conceived a baby, then she would have announced in her social media sites.

Are They Planning For Another Child?

Outdaughtered star already had confusion with her partner in August of 2018. The pregnancy rumor shocked both of them as Adam had undergone Vasectomy before their intimacy. Danielle even questioned about Adam's vasectomy news. The pregnancy news also seems a bit distorted because Danielle never showed any baby bumps as the months passed by.

From interviews and sources, it is of no denying that the couple is unsure of their need for another child. They already have a big family to begin with and have not indicated anything about welcoming a new one.

About Adam's Earnings

It got revealed in September of 2018 that Adam did not go to a college for his formal education. Instead, he started working right after his high school completion. Adam has a huge family to feed and take care of. He currently works as a Key Account Manager for a company that deals with safety equipment. He has also partnered with his friend to open a fitness studio named Rush Cycle.

His wife, Danielle, has been helping him in finances with her side jobs.

Adam Busby and his partners of the company Rush Cycle(Photo: romper.com)

Further, on the 20th of August, 2018, Adam and Danielle's Busby quints experienced their first day of pre-school. As amazing as this sounds, the parents need to start saving a bit more on the financial side. 

Short Bio

Danielle Busby was born on 23 December 1983 in the United States as per wiki. Danielle has the birth sign Capricorn.

She is a fitness enthusiast and had a trimmed physique before she got pregnant with her all daughter quintuplets. After her pregnancy, she had to go on a 4500-calorie-a-day diet. After giving birth, her life revolves around her babies and doesn't have time to hit the gym. However, she makes the best out of what she has and does sit-ups and push-ups in her home.