Darren Naugles Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Gay

By Ravi Lama | Updated On: 18 Apr, 2021
Darren Naugles Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Gay

If you guys have watched the Braco show Married To Medicine, then you guys probably might not have missed watching the love-duo of Darren Naugles and his wife, Lisa Nicole Cloud. Well, Darren is the recurring cast of the show. 

Professionally, Darren Naugles is an Emergency Medicine specialist, who treats patients with death-threatening diagnosis. Currently, he operates his own medical practice. 

Darren Naugles' Net Worth

With the practice experience of over two decades in his job as an emergency medicine physician, Darren Naugles, age 45, probably has garnered a fruitful amount of net worth. According to a survey of PayScale, the estimated salary of the Doctor of Medicine is about $209K per annum.

After completing his education, he began working as an Emergency medicine physician. As per the data by, he is one of 50 doctors at Northside Hospital-Cherokee who specialize in Emergency Medicine. He has been working as specialists diagnose and treat patients from the death-taking diagnosis including heart attacks, drug overdoses, shock, and massive bleeding.

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Besides his medical career, Darren is a husband of celebrity wife, Lisa Nicole Cloud, who has a net worth of $8 Million. He alongside his wife became popular in the town after they appeared as the cast member in the Bravo series Married To Medicine. In the show, the pair competed alongside Jacqueline Walters and Simone Whitmore. 

Darren Naugles' Relationship; Married Entrepreneur!

Father of two kids, Darren Naugles, maintains a warm relationship with his entrepreneur wife, Lisa Nicole Cloud.

Previously on 18 July 2007, he and his lady shared the wedding vows. Tying the row of nuptials, Darren's wife has never failed to show her love behind the screen. However, she is a kind of over-possessive about their relationship and is supportive of Dareen side by side. Despite many cheating allegations, the pair never thought to break their relationship. In one of the audio messages, Lisa knew that Darren was hanging around with another woman.

"You’re married with kids. Darren Naugles. Tell her right now. And tell the b*tch you’re not going to call her anymore............................... You better not talk to my husband again, whoever you are. Stop talking to my husband, stop calling my husband or it’s going to be a problem. Tell her now.”

With the roller-coaster ride in the relationship, Darren and his lady, however, have surpassed 11 years of wedding vows. On 18 July 2018, his wifey, Lisa took the wedding day photo on her Instagram and poured the heartfelt emotion and love for her family in the caption. She described Darren as her friend, confidant, life partner, father, and soul mate. 

Darren Naugles and his spouse, Lisa celebrates their 11th Wedding anniversary (Photo: Instagram)

Together, the couple has two kids, Amira Faith, and D.J. His lady, Lisa often shares images of their children on social media. She was among the ones who did the ten years 'Then and Now Challenge.' She Instagrammed a collage of now and ten years back photo of herself with her kids on 18 January 2019. Lisa's regular social media post indeed hints that Darren is having a wonderful time with his family; wife, and kids.

Darren is not gay; however, people once suspected his sexuality after one man allegedly told that he had an affair with Darren. After the allegation, many ladies criticized his wife, Lisa for being in a relationship with him.

Darren Naugles' Wiki

Born in 1973 in the United States, Darren Naugles' birthday falls on 20 July. He is few inches taller than his wife, Lisa Nicole, who stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters).

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Darren enrolled at Boston University School of Medicine. Later in 1999, he completed his graduation with a medical degree. He also has received a degree in Emergency medicine from Howard University, as per the wiki.