David Hogg Gay, Parents, Net Worth

By Pranish Sumsher Thapa | Updated On: 07 Jun, 2019
David Hogg Gay, Parents, Net Worth

David Hogg is an individual who faced the possibility of death at just the age of seventeen and at the last place you’d expect someone to be massacred at. David Hogg one of the survivors of the deadliest school shootings "2018 ParkLand school shooting" in American history.

Following the incident, Hogg rose to great prominence and quickly became a political figure in taking a stand against gun violence and standing in full support of gun control in the United States. The horrific incident led Hogg and his gun violence advocate friends Cameron Kasky, David Hogg, Jaclyn Corlin, Alex Wind, and Sarah Chadwick, formed the 'Never Again Movement' that aims to recruit young people into politics and aims for gun reform in the country.

Wiki & Bio: Parents, Highschool & More

David Hogg was born on the 12th of April 2000 in Los Angeles, California to parents Kevin Hogg and Rebecca Boldrick. His father was a former FBI agent, a Navy pilot, and an elementary school teacher. Likewise, his mother Rebecca is a school teacher.

From looking at different pictures of Hogg, it seems he stands a an average height.

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Hogg went to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Hogg also mentioned that he had been accepted at Harvard University. But his acceptance at the University did raise a lot of questions considering he scored less than the minimum required SAT scores.

Further along, Hogg is an activist aiming to make a difference in gun reforms throughout the United States. His protest, marches, and interviews have gone on to make significant changes in the country’s policy regarding guns.

Dating Girlfriend? Has An Affair?

David Hogg is probably single and not in any relationship. There have never been any rumors linking Hogg to a possible girlfriend or has he ever been seen with one by his side. It would seem that Hogg is focusing more on career rather than involving himself in a romantic affair.

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However, fans started questioning about his sexuality whether Hogg is straight or is he gay.

The rumors began swirling when fellow school shooting survivor Cameron Kasky uploaded a picture of him lovingly embracing Hogg along with a caption that read Prom 2018. The photo sparked a barrage of rumors suggesting that Hogg and Kasky were a couple and that they would be attending prom together as a couple.

Cameron Kasky shares a picture of him embracing David Hogg. (Photo: Cameron's Twitter)

But Hogg's mother stated that the pair would not be attending the prom together and that they had other partners. On the other hand, Cameron’s father stated they have a relationship nothing more than friends.

Regardless of Hogg's sexuality rumors, it is safe to say that at present, he is single and not in any relationship with anyone.

The Parkland School Massacre; Net Worth

David Hogg is one of the survivors of the 2018 Parkland School shooting with his gun violence advocate friends Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corlin, Emma Gonzalez, Alex Wind, and Sarah Chadwick.

The horrific incident took place on February 14, 2018, when an ex-student of the school named Nikolas Cruz stormed the school with a gun and started shooting. The incident resulted in the death of 17 students and staff members. David, along with his friends, took shelter inside a small closet and was saved later by the authorities.

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Following the incident, David, along with other survivors of the shooting, formed the 'Never Again Movement' that aims at gun reform. David has also organized several marches and public speaking events where he talks about the issues inside the current Congress party and the need for gun control.

Just after a month of the shooting, David, alongside the Parkland students, organized a massive March For Our Lives protest in Washington DC. The protest was supported by several celebrities, including John Legend, Harry Styles, and more.

Along with that Hogg also co-wrote a book with the help of his sister Lauren Hogg titled #NeverAgain. The book goes talks about the terrible incident and the aftermath following the tragedy.

But there have been controversies linked with Hogg and his claims regarding the shooting. Many have claimed that Hogg was nothing but a crisis actor and that he faked the entire thing. But David has spoken out loud and has addressed such controversies as nothing but a stain in the cloth of the United States.

As an activist, Hogg has managed to bring out changes in the context of gun reform. But along with that, those who follow Hogg are curious to find out how much he earns. No official amount has ever been disclosed, reports as per ZipRecruiter claim that an activist earns an average amount of $30,237 annually. David has been offered considerable figures to speak and talk by different organizations. So it would be safe to assume that David could hold a decent net worth.