Donut Operator Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Facts

By Aditya Rana | On: 06 Aug, 2019
Donut Operator Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Facts

It is relatively uncommon for a police officer to change his career to a full-time YouTube channel operator. For Donut Operator, aka, Cody Garrett, this drastic career transformation brought him more exposure and popularity than his previous vocation.

Cody is more prominently known as Donut Operator. He operates a Youtube channel that provides details of recent happenings involving U.S police.

Wiki, Age, Facts

Youtube star Donut Operator was born on the 3rd of September, 1987, as Cody Garett. He grew up in the United States. Cody is originally a native of South Carolina. He stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 65 kg. He is an American national and embraces the zodiac sign of Virgo. He has a small family of four with his parents and his sister. The YouTube guy often shares about his parents on his Twitter. His parents seem like they are still together and share a happy relationship with their children.

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Cody's sister is also a police officer by profession. She is married to a guy named Brandon. They have a child named Marty, who happens to be of pre-school age. 

The 32-year-old YouTuber graduated from Spartanburg Community College in 2014. Fans are still unknown when he started his job as a SWAT officer and left the secured path to pursue a Youtube career. However, it is known that he rose to fame with his 2016 video, where he rescued a kitten. The Huffington Post even covered the news.

Before his internet days, he used to work as a writer for Blue Lives Matter, a police advocacy group. 

Married, Wife

Cody gained massive popularity with his kitten rescue video in 2016. He adopted the feline and is a part of his family now. The then-police officer was approached by flooded with marriage proposals at the time. Cody's love-life surfaced the internet sometime later, and the fans were happy to see a beautiful lady by his side.

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The YouTuber is enjoying his romantic life with his girlfriend, Kaley. He and Kaley, who is a wine enthusiast, first met in April of 2018 and have never turned back to this day. From their holiday pictures to their lovely dates, the couple has always shared their beautiful and memorable moments on social media.

Cody with his girlfriend Kaley (Photo: Kaley's Instagram)

They both have confessed their love to each other through Instagram captions. Both of them are seen thoroughly enjoying each other's company. 

One thing that still confuses the fans is his son John. The boy is ten years old as of 2019 and has an intimate relationship with his father. The dilemma is about his baby mama. It seems like Cody fathered a son with another woman before Kaley. His relationship with his previous partner and his divorce is still a mystery.

Son's First Gun

When Donut's son turned 10, he thought that his son was old enough to own a gun for himself. So he decided to hand over a AR 9mm gun, which is similar to an AR-15 platform. As of Donut's first gun, it was a Ruger 10/22. In the video he posted on his YouTube channel, he explained why he chose the weapon; it was a 9mm AR that was pretty common around, and it had no recoil. The gun costs around $2000.

Donut, being a responsible father, made sure that his son knew the five basic firearm safety rules. And with no surprise, his son was able to answer it all. The first being, always treat a hun as if it is loaded. Secondly, still to be sure of your target and what is beyond it. Then, keep your finger off the trigger until ready for use. Always keep it pointed in a safe direction. And finally, always keep it unloaded until ready for use.       

Net Worth

Cody garners the net worth from his professional career as a YouTuber. His YouTube channel has an estimated annual income range from $37K to $591.3K. The channel Donut Operator currently has 1.23 million subscribers. However, his hours of operation on YouTube remains unknown.

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Apart from that, he owns a skate shop, as suggested by his Facebook profile. He might even get his salary as an ex-veteran, but there is no evidence from the sources. Moreover, Cody runs an online shopping site.