James Safechuck Wife, Age, Net Worth

By Oshil Pokhrel | On: 26 Apr, 2019
James Safechuck Wife, Age, Net Worth

If you have watched the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, you probably might have recognized James Safechuck as one of the two main accusers. The documentary focused on the allegations of sexual abuse against King Of Pop, Michael Jackson.

James, who is a software developer by profession, appeared in the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland alongside Wade Robson.

James Married AvatarLabs's Vice President; Has Children?

James Safechuck is a married guy and is relishing lifestyle with his wife, Laura Primack, who works as the vice president of California based marketing company named AvatarLabs. His spouse, Laura is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design in 2000.

The actual date when they shared a wedding is kept under the wraps. Together, the love-duo are the parents of two children. Today, James resides in Van Nuys, California with his wife Laura and their kids.

As reported by Heavy on 3 March 2019, they are expecting their third baby together.

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James Accuses Late Michael Jackson Of Sexual Abuse; Hide Truth With Wife!

Initially, James hesitated to share the story of abuse done by Michael Jackson to his wife. But when Wade Robson alleged in 2013 that he suffered sexual abuse from Michael, he received the guts and broke his silence. His wife said;

“He didn’t go into much detail then. It was just more of this, like, ‘Oh, wow, our life just got heavy'."

The software developer confirmed that the King Of Pop introduced him for masturbation at the tender age of 10, planned a wedding ceremony and gave him a wedding ring.

James Safechuck when he was at the age of 10 with Michael Jackson (Photo:

James first met Thriller singer in 1987 during the Pepsi advertisement when he was only nine. He became friends with Michael and his family also allowed him to go at the Bad Tour. Micahel hanged out around his family home and according to Leaving Neverland documentary, James stated:

He loved popcorn. Michael would come to our house a lot. Michael and I would take walks around our neighborhood, just talking and walking. It would be nighttime of course, so he could sort of hide. It's more like hanging out with a friend that's more your age.

When James went to Paris tour with Michael at the age of 10, the legendary pop singer supposedly began to abuse him sexually. He reportedly told James to distance himself from his family and described that his mother was an evil woman. In 1998, Michael purchased Neverland Ranch and continued to abuse him. James remembered the moment and spoke:

The routine was every night we would get a blanket and lay it down on the floor inside of the closet next to his main bed so we could close the doors and have several sort of doors people had to get through. There was kissing and just sort of rubbing on each other. And then oral sex. And then he would want me to suck on his nipples and he would finish himself.

In the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson’s estate denied all the accusations against the King Of Pop. As confirmed by Sun Magazine, they are suing HBO for airing the documentary citing the reason as a violation of a non-disparagement clause.

How Much Is James Safechuck Net Worth?

James, age 41, summons the prominent part of the net worth as an American software developer and TV personality. As per, a software developer in the United States earns the average salary of $101,790 per year and their annual income range from $77,710 to $128,960.

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According to the documentary Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed, James and Wade were not paid for their appearances as they had no financial interest. James has also appeared in TV shows like Jeremy Vine, Good Morning Britain, and A Current Affair.

Bio, Family, And Wiki

Born on 28 February 1978, James is a native of California. His birth name is James Michael Safechuck, as per wiki. James grew up in his family home at Simi Valley with his parents Safechuck Sr and Stephanie Safechuck, who was a hairstylist and junk hauler respectively. 

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According to his mother Stephanie, she felt Michael Jackson like her another son as he had a close bond with their family.