Janelle Ginestra Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Parents

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 12 Aug, 2019
Janelle Ginestra Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Parents

Janelle Ginestra is a dancer, YouTuber, and choreographer who is not only shaking her body but the whole world. She is a reputed dancer who is famous for her appearance in many shows like Glee, The X Factor (US) and Fired Up

Not only that, but Janelle is also an actress and a producer who has given her significant contribution in many series and films including Soldier and A Mile In My Shoes.


Janelle is lucky enough to get married to her boyfriend 'Will DaBeast Adams' who is also a dancer like her. Her husband Adams has his dance company 'immaBeast' and a website which is considered as one of the top hip hop brands in the whole US. Also, he has launched his official video named “Dope.”

Janelle and her hubby first met when they both were at the rehearsal for L.A.’s monthly Choreographers Carnival event on October 2009. After the event, they started attending each other's classes at IDA Hollywood and working together. It was none-other than Adams who first fell in love with her personality, attitude, and dancing style. On the other hand, Jenelle also credits and admires Adams mentioning he is the one who taught her the different flavors of dance. 

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Although it is not known since when the couple started dating but they got engaged in 2017 when Adams proposed her on her 28th birthday. A year later, they tied the knot on 2 September 2018.

Wedding: Adams and wife Jenelle at their wedding. (Source:

Since it was a wedding of the two dancers, dance was a must. After the vow, the bride and groom showed their amazing dance for the whole 8 minutes on their wedding. While dancing, she wore a white top and a high-waist flare pant while her husband went for a casual look with a denim jacket over it.

Currently, the married duo are enjoying their life to the fullest.

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Wiki(Age)- Career

Born on 14 May 1989, Janelle is a Californian media celebrity. She stands a few inches shorter than her husband Will DaBeast Adams who has the height of 5’ 8” tall. Janelle started dancing when she was only two. She took dance classes at the local studio until she was seven years old.

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Since her childhood, Janelle has been participating in every dance shows and competitions and has been raising quite a good name in the dancing field. However, at the age of seven, she moved to Los Angeles with her parents and pursued acting. She soon worked at TV shows where she acted as co-stars and a lead stars.

Thankfully, she didn't quit dancing although she was getting quite good feedbacks in acting and when she was 12 she moved to Modesto and worked as a choreographer and a dancer for the local artist Jiggy. This moreover enhanced her dancing skills and eventually reached the position where she is now. 


While Jenelle and her husband Adams are doing so much success in their lives, nobody would be prouder than their parents. Moreover, Adams’ studio “IMMA SPACE,” which he established in 2017, is registered under his parents.

In the case of Jenelle, her mother always has been the role model in her career.

Net Worth

Although they are actively involved in the entertainment field, their net worth is still not available. However, it is stated that the average salary of a dancer meets $24.72 per hour, but in the case of these two dancers, it must be more than expected.

Additionally, from their respective Youtube channel, it has been estimated that Janelle's earnings lie in a range of $265- $4.2k and Adams might earn $628-$10k monthly.