John Kuckian Bio, Dating, Gay, Family

By Prabesh Niroula | Updated On: 24 Oct, 2019
John Kuckian Bio, Dating, Gay, Family

The world of art has introduced many pioneers among people. With several sub-divisions under the gigantic sphere of art, making portraits is one of such tasks that need loads of talent and creativeness. Making his name stand amongst others with his colorful paintings, John Kuckian is one of the big-shots of the art industry.

His work has been featured in several media outlets and even in museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum situated in London. His drawing of singer Amy Winehouse drew colossal attention in 2014.

Bio, Age

Known as a conceptual artist, John Kuckian was born on the 22nd of November, 1994. The 24 years old hunk grew up in England. His real name is John Cowan. He seems to be of average height, but his family details are unclear. Thus, his ethnicity is something that has confused his fans for a long time.

He is a superb student when it comes to educational credentials. His high school and University grades are very impressive, as mentioned in his social media profile. With almost straight A’s, he glided through his high school career and even took part in Maths Olympiad.

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He attended Northumbria University intending to get a Bachelors’s degree in Science. He studied Biomedical Sciences until he had to defer his final year in 2017 due to his hectic schedule.

During his University days, he got served under several titles and received awards for his achievements. He got the Campaigner of the Year Award in 2016, worked as the Head of Make-up and Prosthetics for Drama Society the same year, and from 2016 to 2017, actively participated as the President of the LGBT society.

Is John Dating, Gay?

John’s dating life has not surfaced the media. He openly states himself as gay, but people have doubts about the matter. Several tweets have been found questioning the sexuality of this artist.

However, he did share a picture of him at a restaurant with a lovely girl beside him on 25 April 2019.

John Kuckian with his friend in a restaurant (Photo: John Kuckian’s Instagram) 

The post had a lengthy caption, where John mentioned her as a friend. John also did mention his fans to ignore tabloid gossips and considered it as meaningless.

Haters And Allegations

With popularity comes hatred. It is like the two sides of the same coin. Similar is the case with John. Over the years, YouTubers have been emphasizing on banning John from Youtube. One of such haters poured his anger on the artist and pushed some allegations towards him.

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John got alleged to slandering other Youtubers like Peter Monn, Margo Indigo, Sam Abbe, and many more. He was reported to have created a fake charity and scammed his subscribers into buying his products. As for his cosmetics, the ingredients have not been made public, and he was alleged to lie about the place of production.

As for John, he has not addressed these allegations, and the fans have yet to hear about the matter from the creator himself. He has, however, apologized for his past mistakes via his Youtube and also admitted to having an eating problem. He seems to have gone through a therapy session for recovery.

Net Worth

John has been quite successful in his career. He is the CEO of Kuckian Ltd and introduces himself as a designer, formulator, negotiator, producer, and an influencer in his LinkedIn profile. He has a personal cosmetic brand by the name of Kuckian. The brand deals with several girls' cosmetics and operates via its official site.

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Besides his career success, John also celebrates a vast media following. He has over 340,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, with views 66 million and counting.

Despite the tremendous fame, his net worth from his cosmetic business and Youtube channel are still under review.