Laura Loomer Wiki, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth

By Prabesh Niroula | Updated On: 28 Aug, 2019
Laura Loomer Wiki, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Internet personalities are the people that push this revolution forward. Among these, Laura Loomer is someone who is prominently known for her role as a far-right activist. She, however, describes herself as a nationalist and a “proud Jew.”

Her social reforming activities have subjected the activist to several problems. So, who is Laura Loomer? Let's take a peek.

Bio & Wiki- Education

Laura Loomer was born on the 21st of May, 1993 in Florida, the USA with the birth name Laura Elizabeth Loomer. She grew up in Arizona and was raised in a Jewish background by her family. She was often targeted by bullies as a child and used to get teased for having a Jewish nose and being overweight.

Far-right activist and journalist Laura Loomer(Photo:

As for her education, Laura spent a semester at Mount Holyoke College but dropped out later as she felt the environment as politically unfit. She then enrolled at the Barry University of Miami and got involved in Republican groups. From there, she graduated as a broadcast journalist. 

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Her contributions include her involvement with the Canadian right-wing website The Rebel Media in 2017. She also worked with James O’Keefe for Project Veritas during the 2016 Election. Seemingly, Laura was the one who denounced the alt-right and the person who coined the term(Richard B Spencer). She has stirred some bizarre conspiracy theories on the Internet, especially the ones involving mass shooting.


On the 16th of June, 2017, Laura got herself arrested when she disrupted a Shakespeare play midway. The play was about Julius Caesar, and the character Caesar was portrayed as the reigning president, Donald Trump. The activist jumped onto the stage and rebelled against the setup, saying, “Stop the normalization of political violence against the right.”

Laura even accused the NY Public Theatre of being ISIS. She got immediately arrested and charged with trespassing and bad conduct. 

A year after, Laura once again fell in controversy when she was permanently suspended from Twitter at the end of November 2018; as reported by to BuzzFeed News. She got banned from the Twitter after bombarded with a series of anti-Muslim falsehoods tweet about Ilhan Omar. Afterward, she denied her Twitter services on the accusation of hate speech. She had expressed her dissatisfaction with the then-newly elected official Ilhan Omar. She had even added that the LGBT, women, and minority rights are suppressed under Omar’s jurisdiction.

Following this permanent ban, Laura and her associates protested against it in the Twitter’s NY headquarters. She even handcuffed herself in front of the building. Despite the rebellious display, Twitter’s management did not take any legal action.

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Likewise, the 2019th article confirmed the ban of Loomer and some other individuals from Facebook because of their policy violations. They were denied of creating new accounts, but the company allowed other users to use them as a reference. The ban lasted for 30 days, and it was confirmed that CAIR(Council on American-Islamic Relations) was behind the act.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, removed one of the stories that recorded her saying, “Islam is cancer on humanity.” Her Instagram had not been banned till that time but was done somewhere during May of 2019.

Dissatisfied with the turn of events, Loomer has decided to sue CAIR and Twitter. Her supporters are providing financial aids to the activist with messages like “fight till the end” and “Never stop.”

Family-Boyfriend, Married?

It seems that the journalist has kept her personal life away from the media. Till this day, very little is known about her family or relatives. If you are wondering about her boyfriend too, no public sightings have been made that indicate about her romantic life.

So, it cannot be confirmed whether the activist is married or not. Considering her young age of 26 and standard height, it is highly unlikely that she is single. 

Net Worth, 2019

A political activist takes home an average salary of $34,796 yearly. As for Laura, her assets are not well known publicly besides her reported annual earnings of $545 - $8.7K from her YouTube channel. But certain events could lead to her financial rise. Let’s review some key events of 2019.

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Laura Loomer has reportedly sued Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for an incident that occurred in August 2018 during a campaign event for Ilhan Omar. She has demanded $2 million as compensation for the battery and alleged assault. There is a video on YouTube showing Tlaib grabbing Laura’s phone when the journalist asked her about her opinion on Hamas.

Another 2019 news from July confirmed Laura’s suit against Facebook regarding her ban. The amount is $3 Billion. She alleged Facebook of defaming her, labeling her dangerous and wants the tech giant to apologize.