Lisa Thorner, Damon Wayans' Ex-wife: Bio, Age, Children & Facts

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 19 Jan, 2020
Lisa Thorner, Damon Wayans' Ex-wife: Bio, Age, Children & Facts

Lisa Thorner is popular as a former model. She has also amassed large popularity from her relationship with ex-husband, Damon Wayans. 

Damon is an American actor, comedian, producer, and writer. He is an actor known for films like Major Payne, Bulletproof, Celtic Pride and so on. Besides, he has also appeared on TV shows like My Wife and Kids, and 1990 show In Living Color. 

Married And Divorce

Lisa Thorner has been divorced from Damon Wayne since 2003. However, before this uncertainty, she had a blissful wedding with Hollywood’s gem Damon Wayne on 24 April 1984. They sailed their marital relationship for long sixteen years but separated on 21 May 2000. 

According to, it was Lisa who had filed for divorce in 2000, claiming the irreconcilable differences between the two. 

Lisa Thorner with her former husband, Damon Wayne. (Photo:

Long after they divorced, Lisa Thorner was single in January 2017. On the other side, her ex-husband Demon Sr., started dating Charity Duplechan shortly after his divorce was finalized in 2003. 

Who Is Lisa Thorner’s Ex-Husband?

Damon Wayans is best known for appearing in Emmy-winning comedy series In Living Color in the 1990s and for writing acclaimed comedy series My Wife and Kids (2001), and Premium Blend (1997).

Additionally, he is also prominent for producing several TV shows like Waynehead (1996), Damon, My Wife and Kids (2001) and drama 413 Hope St. (1997)

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Apart from his professional details, his bio interprets his birthdate as 4 September 1960 in New York City, NY. And he is the son of Howell Stouten Wayans, who worked as a manager at a supermarket. His mother, Elvira Alethia, was a homemaker, a singer as well as a social worker. His parents raised Damon alongside his nine other siblings; five sisters and four brothers in Harlem. 

As for his education, Demon attended the Murry Bergtraum High School but later dropped out in ninth grade. After that, he did some odd jobs to support his finance until he got an opportunity to work in Holywood.


In between their long 16 years of a married relationship, Lisa and her former-husband Damon shared four children; two sons, Damon Jr. and Michael and two daughters, Cara and Kyle. Their first child Damon Jr was born on 18 November 1982, the second son Michael was born on 28 March 1985.

Likewise, Cara Mia's date of birth is 18 April 1987, and his youngest daughter Kyla arrived in 1991. Kyla was only nine years old when Lisa and her husband divorced. 

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As of now, all of Lisa and Demon’s children have grown up and have started their life. Their firstborn, Demon Jr. has played on film Dance Flick (2009) and has starred in series like New Girl (2011), and Let’s Be Cops (2014).

Likewise, Michael has also appeared in series In Living Color (1990) and films like Major Payne (1995) and The Last Boy Scout (1991).