Maddie Lambert Wiki, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 12 Nov, 2019
Maddie Lambert Wiki, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth

While the world is living in 2019, vlogger Maddie Lambert is way ahead. Her guts to face the public despite being a mother at the age of 14 is something beyond the people of this world would dare to do. She came out as a teen mother and started documenting her life journey through the medium of YouTube. 

But, Maddie's journey to motherhood was not an easier one—she even had to go through anxiety and depression. Maddie, who has overcome her challenging situation, is now providing knowledge to many youngsters.

Maddie’s Wiki- Height, Family

Precisely renown as a teen mother, the 16-years-old Maddie celebrates her birthday on 11 April. She is one of the kids among four of her parents; mother Melissa and father Sam L Dossett. However, not much information about her parents is surfaced except her mother. She re-married after a divorce with her father and has a son from her second marriage. 

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Besides her parents and family, Maddie has another someone special in her life. The special someone is non-other than Maddie’s baby daughter Everly to whom she gave birth on 5 February 2018. She has to go through anxiety and depression with all the problems that hit her hard at the same time. Maddie had to deal with teen pregnancy, her first relationship failure, her parents’ divorce, and life with friends.

Despite her young age, she learned to manipulate her problems and get through it. Not only that, that difficult phase further became a turning point of her life as she started sharing her experience on the social site and help others to overcome through the situation.

Boyfriend & Daughter!

Maddie started dating Isaac in grade eight. Although they dated for only eight months, Maddie believed Isaac was her first serious boyfriend. But, their relationship couldn't sustain and they split.

Maddie was already broken off with her failed relationship, yet another disaster added after two months of separation.

She found out that she was fourteen weeks pregnant with daughter Everly. Maddie was only 14 years old at the time and was at school while she became pregnant

Maddie and her daughter Everly on 26 September 2018. (Photo: Instagram)

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In her entire journey of pregnancy, Isaac never came back. He was thrilled by his mother not to talk to Maddie after addressing her pregnancy. And it was a year after, he admitted that Everly was his child and wanted to meet her. They finally met in November 2018 for the first time.

After meeting, Maddie revealed through her YouTube video Meeting Her Dad for The First Time that Isaac will be in Everly’s life and will remain good friends with Maddie too.

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Before Isaac, Maddie got linked with a boy named Kyler in 2015. However, their relationship couldn’t go further for more than weeks and stayed as best friends forever.

Maddie’s Net Worth

Maddie’s YouTube channel called Maddie Lambert is on height with massive 1.44 million subscribers and total video views of 102,291,517. She is estimated to make the monthly YouTube earning of about $1.7k to $26 .8k and a yearly income of about $20.1k to $321.1k. Since she is only 16 years old, as of 2019, she is wholly dependent on her earnings from YouTube. 

However, at present, Maddie has specific restrictions on her channel and Instagram due to the laws’ judgment. Out of concern of Everly’s father’s intoxication on drugs, she had hired an attorney for the safety of her daughter. But instead of clearing out the main issue, the judge claimed that her social life would be endangered for Everly’s life.