Matt Graham Wiki, Age, Married, Wife, Family, Net Worth

By Sushant Chiluwal | Updated On: 01 Nov, 2018
Matt Graham Wiki, Age, Married, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Quick Information

Nationality American
Profession TV Personality
Marital Status Single
Wife/Spouse Not Yet
Divorced Not Yet
Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Ethnicity White
Children/Kids Not Yet
Height N/A

People notice him sparking a fire with a bow and bamboo or striking his hunt with his longbow. But Matt Graham is more than just a survival expert because he lives wilderness for more than six months every year and brings about a new edge to his already incredible survival skill. Matt who is often regarded as the Stone Age Sharman replaced the veteran Cody in the show Dual Survival where he made sure that the height set by Cod doesn’t drop even by an inch.

Career As Survivalist

The man started the path to become a rock climber and triathlete at the age of 15. By the time, he reached his 23; he made a record in his name for covering 1700 miles crossing California crest in 58 days. The survivalist is a trained primitive skills expert and has been teaching in the same field for the past two decades.

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Matt Graham is a long bow expert and specializes in hunting and making clothes with first materials. The survivor man first appeared in documentaries like Living Wild and Dude; You’re Screwed. The survival expert then replaced Cody Lundin in Dual Survivor and appeared in 14 episodes alongside Joseph Teti. Since, 2016, he is busy on his new show in National Geography Live Free or Dies as himself.

Recently, on his Instagram, Matt talked about how his life has changed in the last seven years from living in a bark-covered hut, roaming around here and there wearing nothing to a whole different lifestyle now. He adds on it by saying he is confused whether its a good change or the bad but believes that it's certainly different than that from the past. 

Matt Graham out on a little adventure on 28 October 2018 (Photo: Instagram) 

Currently, everything is going very well in his life. Matt also hosted a Primitive Skills Weekend at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch on October 19 till 20 where he invited other people to join him in the adventure. Before the adventure started he also taught people, who were supposed to join him in the trip, various stuff. He also provided glimpses of the trip on his Instagram later on. 

How Much Is Matt Graham’s Net Worth?

The man who is known for his extraordinary endurance level has been teaching primitive skills to survival enthusiast for more than two decades. The Live Free or Die star became one of the highest paid survival experts since his reality show Dual Survivor.

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Matt who racks up handsome salary from National Geographic Channel has a decent net worth for $2 million.

Other than that, Matt has also written two books named as Epic Survival, which has the market price of $10.19 and Das Herz Der Wildnis which costs $7.99 in the market. 

Does Matt Have Time For Family?

For a man who spent six months out of every year on sharpening his survival skills has hardly let anything slip about his personal life. Matt who runs 50 miles a day for breakfast in his six-month survival mode resides in Southern Utah and lives a primitive life.

So, it is always difficult for any girl to adjust to his primitive lifestyle. His daily life and job don't let him have a prosperous family life. He is possibly single and doesn’t have a wife, but it’s hard to confirm when the man himself keeps his private life under the curtains.

The Stone Age “Sharman” may or may not have a wife and is married to the wilderness and enjoys climbing the high peak and live life with limited supplies.

Controversies With Cody Lundin!

It’s always hard to maintain a healthy relationship with your predecessor. And Cody and Matt are no different to this principle. Cody and Matt are more of a competitor in the field, and when Matt replaced Cody, he was always going to have hard feelings for Matt.

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Matt then locked horns with Cody when he claimed that he taught Cody at several survival courses with the sponsors of his compatriot. Cody then lashed out on Matt calling him dishonest and said that he has zero tolerance policy for people who knowingly compromise another’s credibility and experience to promote their own.

Matt’s Early Wilderness

According to wiki sources, Matt was born as American and inclined towards survival and athletics since his early childhood. He was born on 8 August 1974 in North Dakota, America.

The Sharman currently ages 44 and plies his trade in Live Free or Die. Matt belongs to North American ethnicity and possesses the decent height of 5 feet and 7 inches. The survival expert possesses buffed up but athletic body shape. He hails from remote southern Utah and belongs to American ethnicity.