Nicole Arbour | Boyfriend Breached Her Privacy? Controversies & Gossips

Who Is Nicole Arbour Boyfriend? Her Dating History....There are only a few people in this world, who can continue with their passion despite facing controversial remarks and widespread criticism. A social media personality Nicole Arbour is no exception to it. Although she remained disputed for a long time, she never failed to entertain people with her hilarious...

Nicole Arbour | Boyfriend Breached Her Privacy? Controversies & Gossips

Nicole Arbour is a Canadian comedian, choreographer, singer, and influential Youtuber. Arbour beats all the stereotypes as a comedian as she was titled ‘Hottest Geek’ by the WIRED magazine in 2009. Well, who would mind hearing jokes from a charming lady? 

Who Is Nicole Arbour Boyfriend? Her Dating History

Nicole Arthur's current relationship status is not disclosed. However, delving into her past relationship, she had an affair with fellow YouTuber Matthew Santoro.

But it couldn’t withstand for long. Soon after they parted ways, Nicole started getting rude comments and hate remarks because her ex-boyfriend Santaro alleged her for abusing him physically and emotionally.

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Arbour and her boyfriend shared some harsh words against each other, making various allegations. On 14 January 2016, Nicole even shared the live stream clip where they were seen laughing and cuddling before the breakup. Similarly, as stated by the online magazine, Nicole revealed that they broke up after Santaro tried to breach her privacy. Matthew Santoro filmed the video in September 2015 and uploaded it on YouTube after the editing. 

Nicole Arbour with her ex-boyfriend Matthew Santoro (Photo:-

More Controversy? Defaming Overweights Or Wut?

Nicole had to meet with criticism after defaming the overweight people in her YouTube Video ‘Dear Fat people’ in 2015. She got into a controversy after posting this video.

However, she clarified her intention saying it was merely a co-incident and meant to be satirical.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Nicole Arbour is about $500 Thousand. She enriched her fortunes from her acting, singing, dancing, and choreography skills.  Also, she was a cheerleader for NBA’s Toronto Raptors, which could have boosted her bankable sum.

In addition to this, her YouTube revenue and ad collaborations add more to her wealth.

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Quick Facts About Her

  • Before initiating a YouTube Channel, Nicole already had tasted the flavor of acting from the movies titled ‘Howie Do It’ and Silent but Deadly.
  • She is the WIRED MAGAZINE’S Hottest Geek of the year 2009.
  • She made her first breakthrough as a singer in the year 2010 and only in the year 2013, she released her debut single.
  • Initially, Nicole started posting videos on YouTube from 9 November 2006.
  • She has amassed over 430,000 subscribers and 40 million views on her YouTube channel.