Pattie Mallette Age, Net Worth, Husband, Height, Bio

By Anmol Basnyat | Updated On: 15 Aug, 2018
Pattie Mallette Age, Net Worth, Husband, Height, Bio

Who would have thought? From relying on to food banks to fill the tummy to becoming a millionaire. Well, Pattie Mallette did just that and raised his son in a difficult period. His son, Justin repaid the faith by becoming a sensational pop icon.

Canadian author Pattie Mallette is best known as the mother of the pop singing sensation, Justin Bieber. She is also the author of her 2012 book titled Nowhere but Up, which tells the story of her horrific past including sexual violence and drug abuse.

What Is Pattie Mallette’s Net Worth?

Pattie Mallette has summoned the net worth of $20 million from her work as an author and a film producer. She added a significant amount of remuneration in her rolling bank balance after releasing her 2012 memoir, Nowhere but Up. 

She had an interview with the Weekend Express host, Natasha Curry back in 2012 after the release of the book, where she talked about getting sexually abused at the age of five and got into drugs at the age of 14. She also claims that the book will people rise above depression and early age violence

Justin's mother also revealed that she had to succumb through hardship and attempted suicide at the age of 17. She then changed her religion to Christianity.

Her other party of profit earnings had been escalated as a producer of 2011 film Crescendo I and musical drama film To Write Love On Her Arms in 2012.

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The celebrity mother also enjoys the staggering net worth of $265 million gathered by her son, Justin Bieber from his professional singing career since 2007. Some of his hit sold out albums that made him gathered fame and fortunes include Purpose released in 2015. The top three chartbuster single of the collection include: What Do You Mean?, Sorry, and Love Yourself.

Her son upscales his wealth from his musical tours and brand endorsements. Justin reportedly made $400,000 from his single concert appearance in 2012. He also received a cool paycheck of $7.1 million from the sales of his 2012 chartbuster album, Believe and also accounted his rolling bank balance to $12.25 million from the album’s tour.

Early Pregnancy, Never Married Baby's Father

Pattie and her former partner, Jeremy Bieber met when she was at the age of 15. The pair then had an on and off relations but never got married.

Pattie was pregnant at the age of 17 with Jeremy. Even though she had on and off again affair with Jeremy, she decided against abortion and raised her son through thick and thin.

The couple welcomed their first child, Justin Bieber on 1 March 1994. After ten months of Justin's birth, Jeremy abandoned Pattie and his newborn son. Pattie reportedly had to rely on food banks to raise Justin.

After Justin began a superstar overnight, Pattie's lifestyle also changed. She claimed in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2013 that she didn't have a physical relationship since the age of 21 and is determined to maintain her run until she gets married to her husband. She also added that she promised Justin that she wouldn't date until Justin turn 18. 

After Justin turned 18 in March 2012, Pattie reportedly had a date with The Bachelor Host, Chris Harrison. Radio personality Ryan Seacrest played the role of matchmaker. 

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The pair went to see one of Justin's stage show at Staple's Center. Pattie even thanked Ryan for setting up a show for them on her Twitter account on 3 October 2012.

Pattie Mallette with Chris Harrison on 3 October 2012 (Photo: Pattie's Twitter)

Although they enjoyed the date, the two never initiated a romantic relationship and remained friends. As of now, she is reportedly single and enjoys time with her son.

Relationship With Son Justin; "Nonexisting" Relationship For Two Years

Pattie shared a cold relationship with Justin in the past. The Sorry singer shared a pretty estranged relationship with his mother, and on his 2015 interview for Billboard, Justin revealed that their relationship was “pretty nonexisting” for two years.

The singer admitted that he kept himself away from his mother following his unforgiving antics including, vandalism civil suit with his neighbor to his driving under influence case back in 2014.

But over the recent years, Pattie and Justin’s relationship is growing stronger than before. Both the mother-son duo are spending their quality time with each other and also had gone on a vacation to the IG image shared by Pattie.

Pattie Mallette with her son, Justin Bieber on 18 January 2018 (Photo: Instagram)

In the picture, Pattie described that she is so proud of her son and the young man he is becoming. She also wrote about her admiration for her son’s character and integrity had grown wiser over the years. Justin recently got engaged to Canadian model, Hailey Baldwin on 7 July 2018. 

Pattie is also the stepmom of Jeremy's son Kaxon and Jazym with Erin Wagner.

Short Bio

Pattie was born on 2 April 1976 in Stratford, Canada as per wiki. Pattie stands at the height of 1.42 m (4’ 8”) and belongs to mixed ethnicity with French and Canadian ancestry.

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Her parents, Bruce and Diane Mallette parted ways in her children, and her father Bruce abandoned the family when she was just a toddler. Pattie had two siblings, an older brother named Chris and an older sister. Her sister died at the age of five in a road accident.