Rachel Dolezal Husband, Children, Parents, Net Worth, Today

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 04 Dec, 2018
Rachel Dolezal Husband, Children, Parents, Net Worth, Today

Being born to white parents, Rachel Dolezal as a child always pretended herself as a dark princess in Sahara desert. She wanted to escape from the white family and skin as she suffered more than any other black women. She has shown her childhood in a very sympathetic manner including the fact she got molested by her brother, forced to eat her vomit and many other torturous moments.

Being white by blood, she still fights for the rights of black people. She worked for the rights of black as a former civil right activist. In 2016 she legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo meaning “the gift of God” in western African terms.

The Story Of Her Childhood And Her Parents

This activist was born to a low-income family near Monata Mountain. She claims that she had a tough childhood and the blame goes to her family. She has shared a very heart touching story with the media, but we don’t know if all the facts she shared are real as there are parts which are hard to believe.

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She said that she was molested by her brother when she was 12. He pinned her down and sucked her nipple. With her brother, even her parents did not make her young days any easier.

She shared that her dad roamed around the home naked showing off his penis and other disgusting parts. When she was unable to eat a bowl of oatmeal, she was said to swallow her vomit.

These suppressions and beating in the family led her to pretend as a black lady applying mud to her fair skin. Now even today as a grown-up lady, she continues to look like a woman from an African American family with her long dreads.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Rachel?

The family was the reason that brought her up into activism, so now she has summoned her net worth as a civil right activist. As per sources, the average salary of an activist in the United States is $39,272 per year. Rachel has also served as the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). As a president earns an average salary of $217,564 per year, she has been summoning a good amount of pay which probably makes her net worth decent.

She started the process of activism as a tutor, educating grade school students on the Black and African-American history and art in a white-dominated university. After raising the awareness as a teacher, she became the president of Spokane NAACP. After the presidency, she had been in the media for hiding her identity as a black despite being white by blood.

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Even after criticisms and questions raised by media, she did not stop fighting for rights. For her remarkable performance in the role of activism, she has been awarded many times; including Bill First Human Rights Award, Torchbearer Medal, Woman in Nonprofit Leadership, and Woman of Distinction.

Did Her Secret Identity As Black Affect Relationship With Her Husband?

Rachel had been married to Kevin Moore. The two met during their college days in 1999 and shared their vows in 2000. The couple parented a baby boy named Franklin Dolezal. As the news of Rachel faking her identity was revealed, her husband wanted to separate. So they got divorced after four years of marriage in 2004. Her former husband listed reasons for their separation- one was the lie, and the other was that she made strange comments to her then 3-year-old son and "poisoned" Kevin's relationship with his son

Rachel posted a picture of her three handsome boys in September 2017 (Photo: Instagram)

She also has another son named after the black poet, Langston Attickus Dolezal. The father of this child is not revealed. Apart from these two boys she also has an adopted boy Izaiah.

She posted a picture of these three children with a caption that said though she does not have stocks in the Wallstreet, she has these three boys who make her rich.

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What Revolution Is She Planning Today?

Rachel has done evoking and life-changing things in the past from name change to announcing herself as black, but now, she is involved in a documentary, which is set to change the lives of many people.

Today, at the age of 41, she has got a place in Netflix to show the documentary of her journey through life. The documentary is called “The Rachael Divide.” It shows some disturbing contents from her childhood. She is portrayed as a liar as well as a victim. Many have criticized the show through Twitter. Even her son Franklin said the show might backfire her.

As per wiki, she has also written a book "In Full Color: Finding My Place In The Black and White World."