Sharon Needles Net Worth, Gay, Partner, Family

The four years-long relationships between Sharon and Alaska came to an end in 2013 when both of them proclaimed their separation via a joint press...Prior to the name "Sharon", Aaron Coady was also identified publicly as "Pixie Stix", "Penelope Pumpkin", " Nixon Cuts" and "Franky Free Clinic"...The Drag star has an estimated net worth of $2.2 million....

Sharon Needles Net Worth, Gay, Partner, Family

You might pause for a quick brainstorm when you hear Aaron Coady but the name Sharon Needles rings a bell doesn’t it? Well, Sharon Needles is the same guy whose real name is Aaron Coady but became familiar to the world through his stage name.

He won the 4th season of the reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race and is a holder of America's Next Drag Superstar title(2012). Sharon Needles also shares his contribution to shows like G.B.F(2013), (My)Immortal: The Web Series(2013) and Fuck(2005).

The life of this reality star is as vibrant as the makeup that almost masks his identity as a male. So let's explore some of the most queried topics about him.

Net Worth

The menacing appearance of Sharon Needles may appear unappealing to some but the fortune it magnets is sure to astonish you. The Drag star has an estimated net worth of $2.2 million. He gathered the prominent part of his wealth from his music career and a reality TV career. He was one of the contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race and even was named America's Next Drag Superstar in the year 2012.

Apart from that, Needles is a music artist and had released two studio albums PG-13(2013), and Taxidermy(2015) induces his daily gross. To the dismay of the fans' curiosity, his album PG-13 made it to number 186 on the US Billboard 200 chart when 3,000 copies were sold in its first week.

Dating A Partner? Gay?

The four years-long relationships between Sharon and Alaska came to an end in 2013 when both of them proclaimed their separation via a joint press. They signified the decision as correlative. They had a dispute which outstretched into physical involvement. His ex-boyfriend Alaska is a fellow drag star and also shares a similar profession of music artist as Sharon does.

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For your concern, Needles is now exploring his love life with her partner Chad O’ Connell, who is an artist by profession. He specializes in wax depiction and special effects. He and his man Chad have been together since 2017 and are currently engaged.

Sharon Needles with his boyfriend(Pic: Sharon Needles Twitter)

Sharon's intimacy with his sweetheart is evident on the special birthday post which Needles tweeted on 14 May 2019. Chad looks super happy too. Ain't that lovely?

Seeing Sharon's interest in male, it seems like he might be gay. He sure was the victim of molestation during high school for his femininity and gay-provoked behaviors. But to this date, the drag star has not publicly accepted himself as gay. However, as affirmed by Huff Post, he is termed as gay male Lady Gaga.

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BIO- Family (Age)

Prior to the name "Sharon," Aaron Coady was also identified publicly as "Pixie Stix," "Penelope Pumpkin," " Nixon Cuts," and "Franky Free Clinic."

Sharon Needles is a widely celebrated, happy, and confident man now. The 37-years-old Drag Queen has crawled his way through the high school bullying and surfaced as an icon to the extent that June 12th is now celebrated as Sharon Needles Day in Pennsylvania.

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Sharon was born on 28 November 1981 in Newton, Iowa.  Always fascinated with media and bulletins as a child, he was bound to get involved in showbiz. He fled from his home to Pittsburgh in 2004 and started his drag race career at the age of 29. Maybe his quest for self-love, acceptance, and self-values led him to participate in the reality show RuPaul's Drag Race. Little did he know this show would skyrocket his prominence.

Sharon is still living in Pennsylvania as of 2019 and interfaces his fans through social media. He has been praised socially by Lady Gaga too. Unfortunately, we are yet to know the credentials of his parents.

Physique- Plastic Surgery

Sharon does a splendid job of masking his age frailty and spotlighting his robust features despite the plastic surgery and heavy makeup always ruining his skin. Talking about other physical features, he has an average height of 5.8 inches.

He had undergone lip injection surgery and is quite unbolted regarding the matter. On questioning about the current body plastic infusion scene, the artist described that he loved anything unnatural, as it looked beautiful.  He shared his likeliness to the fact that the modern body can be considered a lump of clay and molded accordingly.