Tara Westover Wiki, Married, Parents, Net Worth, Education

By Prabesh Niroula | Updated On: 28 Feb, 2021
Tara Westover Wiki, Married, Parents, Net Worth, Education

Quick Information

Date of Birth September 27, 1986
Age 34 Years 6 Month(s)
Nationality American
Profession Memoirist
Marital Status Single
Husband/Spouse Not Known
Divorced Not Yet
Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth Not Disclosed
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Education Trinity Collegec
Parents Val (Father), LaRee (Mother)

Blessed are the people who grow up in normal family circumstances and cruise through their childhood with all their needs provided. Some of us take it for granted, but some people have to go through great lengths to get a formal education. Meet Tara Westover, whose life struggle is almost like a movie scene where the protagonist fights her way through harsh family conditions and emerges as a victor.

American author Westover is acknowledged for her book EducatedThe New York Times named her book as one of the 10 Best Books of 2018. Let’s explore what she had to go through before making herself renowned as a great scholar.

Wiki & Bio- Parents, Education & More

Tara Westover was born in September of 1986 in Idaho, which is located in a remote mountain. She is the seventh child of parents who practiced their religion blindly as Mormon survivalists. Her mother, LaRee, worked as a midwife and also was an herbal healer.

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As for her father, Val, he was a delusional man who claimed to have prophetic powers. He forced his children to work in their yard without any safety measures. Tara was even denied her birth certificate until nine.

Tara Westover (Photo:

Tara’s childhood was a pool of misery and unawareness. Her brother Shawn used to bully her, which even involved physical torture. Even her parents used to turn a blind eye to the situation. 

Due to such circumstances, Tara never got the chance to receive public education. She was taught to read by an older brother, so her school was informal. Her first encounter with formal education was a bitter experience, as Tara now recalls. She signed up for the ACT and attended the exam at a nearby high school which did not go well.

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Her actual knowledge journey started at Brigham Young University in 2008. She graduated in Magna *** Laude.

After that, she got honored with the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Tara earned an MPhil from Trinity College and Cambridge College(2009) in the following years. She enrolled at Harvard University in 2010. Finally, the bookworm got her Ph.D. in 2014 from Cambridge in History.

Tara seems to have broken through her family constraints and now lives in Cambridge. She is still not wanted by her parents and half her siblings due to their religious mindset. Among her other siblings, Luke and Richard often make their way into Tara’s conversation now. Other siblings are Tony, Shawn, Tyler, Audrey, and Tara. Whereabouts about her other kins are hazy, including the current details of her mom and dad.  

Her experiences as a child to a doctorate can be viewed in her memoir Educated. In the book, she highlights the power of education and how it affected her life throughout the years.

Crawling her way up the childhood problems, Tara sure has grown up to a strong and beautiful young woman. Her real age and height have not surfaced, though.

Personal Life: Married?

Tara’s childhood and journey may be available in every book store as she has described her memoir in the book Educated. However, her own life is still a mystery to reveal, especially when it's about her love story.

All we know is, she supposedly had a boyfriend in her early years of Cambridge University. The lad’s name is Drew Mecham. He came to light after he gave a positive review of Tara’s book online.

He introduced himself as Westover’s previous partner and shared her life from a third-person point of view. Apparently, he was there when Tara was getting threatened by her brother Shawn for choosing a life of education to family allegiance.

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Other than that, no additional credentials about Westover have caught the media's eyes. So, we are not sure if she is married or is just dating someone. Maybe she is single and is waiting for her perfect partner, whose quality fits with the future husband.

Net Worth

Tara Westover is a highly educated woman with a doctorate in History and an author of the book Educated. We can find her writing on Amazon with the published date of 20th February 2018, and the cost of the book is $13.99. The sales certainly add to her revenue. Not to forget, her book was ranked #1 on The New York Times bestseller list. For her work, she also became a finalist for several national awards, including PEN America's Jean Stein Book Award.

Additionally, the estimated salary of an average writer and author is about $50,754. So, she probably earns a similar salary or more than that.