Toby Turner Bio, Age, Married, Girlfriend, Net Worth & More

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 17 Jan, 2020
Toby Turner Bio, Age, Married, Girlfriend, Net Worth & More

Prominent as Tobuscus, Toby Turner is the skilled phenomenon behind the acclaimed YouTube channels: TobyGames and Tobuscus. His YouTube channel Tobuscus has massive 6.27 million subscribers; whereas, TobyGames has 6.41 million subscribers. 

Both of his channels are popular for his literal trailers, comedy music, lazy vlogs, and daily game-play commentary. Besides YouTube, Toby has also appeared in the horror movie Smiley and on Cartoon Network’s Annoying Orange. 

Toby Turner’s Bio, Age And Birthday

Toby is the son of Jackie Turner and William Turner. He also has an older brother named Billy Turner and an older sister called Angie Turner. 

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Toby was born as Toby Joe Turner on 3 March 1985 in Osborn, Mississippi. However, he got raised in Niceville, Florida. There, he attended Niceville High School and graduated in 2003. After high school, Toby enrolled at the University of Florida in Gainesville and graduated with a degree in Telecommunication Production. Later, he moved to Los Angeles in 2009. By then, he was already popular as a YouTuber and wanted to pursue an acting career alongside YouTube in LA. 

Toby’s Personal Life

Toby has a quite long list of girlfriends and a controversial breakup with each of them. Lastly, he was public with popular YouTube star Jaclyn Glenn as well as Irish YouTuber Melanie Murphy.

Toby started dating Jaclyn from February 2015 but separated shortly after a year in 2016. He was double-dating and Jaclyn had called it off. After the breakup, Jacklyn publicly accused Toby of continuously mailing her even after she ignored him on all social media platforms. While on the other hand, Toby claimed he just mailed her once as he didn’t know she was married. 

Before Jaclyn and Melanie, Toby dated Kate Elliott, Tara Babcock, Clare Lourdes, Olga Kay, April Fletcher, and Amelia Talon. 

Rape Alligations

Toby was accused of rape, sexual assault, and mental and emotional torture and also of drug abuse by a number of girlfriends. First, Amelia Talon came public with her ex-boyfriend’s constraint behavior. Then, Alex Fletcher- whom Toby dated from 2011 to 2016- accused him of raping her alongside physically and mentally torturing her.

Meanwhile, his other ex-girlfriend Olga Kay, a Russian YouTuber, came out stating that she never faced the malevolent side of Toby. However, his other ex-girlfriends: Clare Lourdes and Kate Elliott, accused Tony of his flagitious acts. 

Toby’s Net Worth

The evergreen YouTube phenomenon Toby has a net worth of $4 million, which he garnered from his active participation in acting and YouTube. He runs his two YouTube channels and also appears in TV series and movies. 

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Apart from his comedy and entertaining videos, Toby has also appeared in the TV series, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, and on films like New Low, Smiley, and The Great Gilly Hopkins and Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin. Additionally, he has also founded video games like Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards and Mine the Diamond.